Is Black Magic for RealIs Black Magic for Real… Dr. Taara Malhotra answers

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Is Black Magic for Real… Dr. Taara Malhotra answers

Black magic is witchcraft and uses supernatural power to do something evil or to harm someone mentally, emotionally, financially and physically. It is a malicious activity that people use to achieve selfish tasks and harm others by taking the help of evil spirits. This practice involves casting a spell on others to harm them.

But is it a story version or does it really exist? Is the Black Magic shown in movies the same as in reality? Is black magic really harmful? We have so many questions and only one expert to answer them all. Dr. Taara Malhotra, India’s leading psychic energy expert, tart card reading expert and Numerologist for celebrities is with us to share answers on every aspect related to Black Magic. Dr. Taara Malhotra is based in Delhi and Gurgaon and was the only paranormal expert/psychic from India featured on International series of DISCOVERY CHANNEL. In the series, she has shared her knowledge & experience of dealing with psychic energy, evil eye and black magic cases.

Is Black Magic for Real
“It is naïve to brush aside the black magic symptoms. The practitioners of black magic use secretive methods and rituals to exploit the elements of nature to achieve their sadistic goals. Though the world of black magic and its followers appears esoteric in nature, there are instances to prove that it is real,” says Dr. Taara Malhotra

This practice is not only followed by some people in India, making it a social evil, but in many foreign countries as well and is not something new but an old method being used since centuries. Black magic is thus found all over the world and no society is free from it. In many societies, it is considered normal but in many others, it is considered an evil practice and done reluctantly and stealthily.

Some people define it as the ability to cause a change in the natural order of things by disrupting the fields of energy that exist in all things.
Most people do not have the time and energy for such elaborate rituals, which have to be followed while performing black magic, but those who do know the purpose it serves them and are found to be greedy and someone who love to see others suffer in their lives.
She shared that Black magic can be done using the person’s clothes, photo and hair. A lot of people who are under the spell of black magic often feel something amiss in their lives. Some of these people go through health issues and some suffer loses. Basically, black magic makes people suffer in all forms.

“Black magic does not only affect the person it is meant for, it also involves his or her surroundings and the people associated with them. The family of the affected person is also made to suffer as suffering of the victim doesn’t occur in isolation.”
Some believe that these customs and rituals are superstition but some say it is part of faith and is done in the name of God.
People actually pay witches and spell casters for the black magic spells so as to harm others. The rituals are often bizarre and the ingredients used are sometimes cringe-worthy such as a bat wing, a sheep kidney and other weird objects. The sad part is black magic is thriving in India and people who believe in it use it often to make things happen or to achieve malicious goals.
Dr. Taara Malhotra has listed many signs of black magic and how one can know they are under a spell.

One of the commonest signs of black magic is constant conflicts, fights and misunderstandings among members of a family.
Sleep disturbance, bad dreams like falling from heights, recurring violent dreams and headaches could mean the person is under a black magic spell.
Body pain without any illness is the most common signs of black magic. Abnormal heartbeat accompanied by severe chest pain can be a sign of black magic.

The yellowing of the face could be a sign of black magic spell. Feeling sad constantly despite so much to be grateful for.
Suicidal tendencies, recurring anxiety and fits of anger are also some signs. A feeling that everyone is against you is another, making you stay away from close relations and souring ties could be a sign you are under a magic spell.
Sudden death in the family or a woman experiencing abortion could be due to the black magic.

So if you are noticing such deviations or disorder in your life, you can connect with Dr. Taara Malhotra to free yourself and your life from the impacts of Black Magic. You can avail her customized services and consultation to live a happy healthy life. Connect with her on Instagram @taaramalhotraofficial. You can DM her your details.

You can connect with Dr. Taara Malhotra for personalized guidance for you – Black Magic for Real. You can DM her @taaramalhotraofficial at Instagram or meet her in Delhi or Gurgaon for a face to face session.


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