manifesting wealth & abundanceDr. Taara Malhotra talks about manifesting wealth & abundance

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Dr. Taara Malhotra talks about manifesting wealth & abundance

Most of the people think that money comes with hard work; well we have India’s top energy expert, most trusted Tarot card reader in India and the leading numerology expert Dr. Taara Malhotra with us, who is now coming with her first book “Mindful Miracles” in which she has written a dedicated chapter on how to manifest wealth and experience abundance. She feels that money comes from your mindset. You can manifest wealth; you can manifest money and assets; you can manifest abundance and grow richer. In this interview, Dr. Taara Malhotra will be talking with us about her book and the techniques to manifest wealth.

Manifest Wealth & Abundance


manifesting wealth & abundance
Q: So Dr.Taara Malhotra, tell us about yourself. How did your journey in all these things start?
A: I was gifted with clairvoyance abilities since my childhood. I have been telling people on what should they do or should not do and many of them took my advice seriously and were benefitted. They expressed their joy and thanks to my parents and that’s how my parents also supported me in my journey of becoming a psychic energy, tarot card and numerology expert. I have been reading tarot cards for celebrities ranging from Shah Rukh Khan to Kareena Kapoor and other top Bollywood industry people. I have done predictions for Indian elections, for cricket matches, for World Cup matches based on my tarot card reading and numerology and many of them have been correct. I am thankful to the Universe for blessing me with this knowledge and helping me choose my path as a life coach and a psychic energy expert.

Q: Talking about Mindful Miracles, tell us about your book and how we can manifest wealth.
A: My book “Mindful Miracles” is all about living your best life with a grateful and abundant mind. The book would help you introspect and make you mindful of all the miracles that happen on daily basis and the blessings that you get from the Universe but you continue to ignore them. People who pay attention to or feel grateful for the energy around are the people who succeed. So this book is like a success compendium that will help you manifest health, wealth, abundance, success and happiness.
Q: So you mean we can really become rich just by manifesting wealth?

A: Of course you have to work also to achieve success and wealth but yes belief and manifesting is the first easiest step to grow richer and live an abundant life. I would give you a single example – see, you need to de-clutter your wallet or your handbag where you keep your money. If it’s cluttered, your financial position will also be chaotic but if it is neat and clean and organised; you would notice that the wealth is flowing in. So the book will make you mindful of the things around, the way you spend money and the mindset you have. And all these things affect the money flow.
Q: Tell us more about manifesting money, in detail.

A: Okay I will talk about things that stop you from manifesting money. The first thing is negativity and doubt. The more you doubt some project not going good; the more are its chances of going in loss. You must practice gratitude and keep a positive mindset so that you can get the desired results because negativity and doubt are the biggest obstacles in manifesting money. For example, if you are starting a new job or you are due for promotion, you should start doing gratitude a month before that is about to happen. Being thankful and positive makes you ready for miracles.

Q: If that is so; why doesn’t everyone become rich by just manifesting wealth. Why do people remain poor?
A: People remain poor because they are not clear on why do they need money for. So if you are clear in your mind that you need money for your child’s education or to build a dream home or to enjoy the Paris Vacation; the Universe will give you money for the cause when you start manifesting and voicing it. You would often see people saving money for old age and illness; see they are manifesting illness because their reason is negative. My books would tell you how to earn and save money for joyful reasons.
Q That was an amazing thing you shared. So that means we can manifest any amunt or any asset?

A: I told you in the beginning, do not doubt. You need not limit your mind-set. Just write a magical figure in your diary and start manifesting it with a sense of gratitude, purpose and clear intention. And don’t forget you have to do your Karma also. You will not get anything if you just keep sleeping and decide to test the Universe. Universe is infinitely giving and we must cultivate a thankful mindset to receive the joys and abundant gifts. You can read more on how to attract wealth and money in my book “Mindful Miracles.”

For our readers’ information, the book will be launched online soon. You can connect with Dr. Taara Malhotra at her Instagram to know about updates related to the book launch and to order your copy.


You can connect with Dr. Taara Malhotra for personalized guidance for your manifesting wealth & abundance. You can DM her @taaramalhotraofficial at Instagram or meet her in Delhi or Gurgaon for a face to face session.


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