Can Vastu affect money inflowCan Vastu affect money inflow By Dr. Taara Malhotra answers

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Can Vastu affect money inflow By Dr. Taara Malhotra answers

Vastu Shastra has an important role in the lives of people who use it to guide their lives and attract good and positive vibes related to their property. Vastu is not only the science of constructing a property, but it is also a connection with the ancient Vedic science which leads to a happy life. Most of the times people experience good financial gains at one place but when they shift to another; the financial condition changes. So yes, indeed the Vastu Shastra related to a place, your business address or even your residence affects the money flow. That’s why we have with us today, Dr. Taara Malhotra, India’s top Numerologist, Vastu Shastra expert and psychic energy expert based in Delhi and Gurgaon to talk on this


Can Vastu affect money inflow By Dr. Taara Malhotra answers
“Vastu is a word relating to the God of Vastu. It is basically architecture based on direction-specific concepts. Vastu is thus used by people to ensure bliss, peace and positive energy in and around the house or office or any property. This also involves mathematical calculations of a site and is done on the basis of data such as position of the rooms, entrance and exit, placement of furniture or other things in the home to align them in a way that they become magnets for good energy,” said Dr. Taara Malhotra explaining how a lot of people in India consult vastu experts before constructing a house or office property. Sometimes, vastu experts are consulted for arranging the already constructed house. Thus, it can be said that Vastu Shastra is essential in promoting growth, prosperity and wellbeing.

Vastu is the link that connects man to nature. Everything comprises five essential elements: FIRE, WATER, EARTH, SPACE, and AIR. All of these elements can only be found on Earth. That is why it is the only planet capable of supporting life and nature.
As per Vastu Shastra, fire, water, earth, air, and space, the five elements, are a combination of the cosmic energies. If any of these are in imbalance, it can attract negativity at home or workplace.

Vastu Shastra is considered effective as its benefits continue to flow in a property, thus increasing money influx of the owners and bring monetary blessing.
The application of vastu helps increase the supply of wealth or financial happiness by unblocking opportunities and leading person to achieve goals.
With money being an important factor, there are eight ways to help Vastu bring in financial abundance. Dr. Taara Malhotra elaborates on these-

1 Keep the house clean: This holds so much importance in Vastu. As per Vastu, the house should be clean and not cluttered with goods and decor. The energy in the house is responsible for how relationships, finance and health function in that house. The windows and doors should be clean and the storage spaces organized.

2. Position of toilet: The position of toilets and bathrooms is important. If they are not as per Vastu norms, it could bring financial losses and monetary instability. This can also upset health and sleep patterns. Toilets and bathrooms need to be constructed separately and always in the north-west or north-east of the house but away from corners.

3. Place Kuber Yantra in the north: Lord Kuber is the deity of wealth and prosperity. As north-east direction is governed by Lord Kuber, all negative energy coming from the toilet, shoe racks and bulky furniture must be removed. There should be no clutter in the north-east corner of the house. A mirror or Kuber Yantra on the north wall of the north section of the entire home can bring in financial opportunities.

4. Placing lockers in south-west: As per Vastu Shastra, to ensure financial stability one must store his or her wealth in cupboards or safe in the earth corner of the home, which is the south-west direction, facing north or north-east.

5. Keep main doors free of repairs: The house entrance is important, as per Vastu Shastra. It draws and welcomes wealth, therefore it should be attractive. Ensure the door has no faults and the lock works fine. To attract wealth, place plants, wind chimes and clear name plate at the entrance.

6. Put fountains in the north-east: Placing fountains and aquariums in the north east area of the house can bring in money and is considered auspicious. The water must, however, be changed often.

7. Water tank position: Placing the overhead water tank in the north-east and south-east corner of the house is a big mistake as it can bring a lot of pressures and adversely affect the health.

8. Address water leakages: Water leakages anywhere in the house symbolize leaking of money and financial loss. This must be rectified immediately.

You can connect with Dr. Taara Malhotra for personalized guidance for your business or home Vastu arrangements. You can DM her @taaramalhotraofficial at Instagram or meet her in Delhi or Gurgaon for a face to face session.


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