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Vastu Tips are Super Beneficial for Your Home Dr.Taara Malhotra

Vastu Shastra needs no introduction; we all are aware how significant it is in creating good vibes in your home or work place. Today, Dr.Taara Malhotra, the top Vastu Shastra expert of India, will be sharing with us some of the lesser-known Vastu tips to make your home peaceful and joyful and your work place a magnet of money-making energy.

According to Vastu Shastra, there is a particular direction and position for each one of your structures and possessions.The same is mentioned in the Bhawan Bhaskar and Vishwakarma Prakash and similar other texts. Dr.Taara Malhotra says that an ideal home should have its main gate either facing the east or north. This ensures that your house does not have any Vastu dosh. She has shared these following tips which you can implement in your home.

Vastu Tips are Super Beneficial for Your Home


This is the direction of the Sun. This is considered the origin of positivity and energy. This is from where the bright Sun enters your home. You should either put your main gate or your large windows in this direction.


Your kitchen should preferably be in this spot. If you want to design a washroom, the west is a perfect spot. But make sure that your kitchen and bathroom are not adjacent or even close to each other.


The north direction is perfect for your doors and windows. You can also place your balcony and wash basin in this direction including your main gate as well which is considered highly optimistic.


The south direction is not meant for your washrooms or any kind of open space that you want to design in your house. Remember not to place any windows or doors in this direction either.


This direction is also called the Ishan direction. It is considered the place of water. You can get a swimming pool designed in this spot or even your poojaghar, including the main gate.


This is also called the vayavyadisha and it is highly suitable for your bedrooms, garage, and also your storage rooms.


This is the Agneya corner of your home and it is perfect for your kitchen stove, boiler, transformers, and electrical equipment.


Also known as the NetratyaDisha, this spot is not suitable for doors and windows. Construct a bedroom or cash counter, or storage for machines.

Along with these main points, some small tips related to Vastu Shastra are shared below

  1. Construct an aangan, small or big
  2. Shrubs to plant: tulsi, jamfal, neem, gooseberry, and pomegranate
  3. Plant shrubs that flower seasonally for more positivity
  4. Burn Guggaldhoopin your home at least once a week
  5. Grind wheat with nagkesar and Tulsi leaves
  6. Putt cloves in a mustered oil lamp
  7. Offer water to the Tulsi plant every Thursday
  8. Sprinkle of few droplets of milk on the tawa before making rotis
  9. Feed the first roti to a cow
  10. Three doors in a row are not good Never keep dried flowers
  11. Keep a picture of the saint you followin a sitting position
  12. Never keep broken items inside your house
  13. Put a picture of a green landscape in the southeast
  14. Fix any leaking taps
  15. Invest in furniture pieces with rounded corners
  16. Keep your Tulsi plant in the east direction or close to your poojaghar

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Good Luck Tips From Vastu Shastra


Vastu Shastra is an ancient practice that keeps you happy and prosperous. Houses constructed on the principles of Vastu Shastra have positivity and happiness. Because there is a dearth of good land for houses, getting one constructed according to Vastu Shastra is extremely difficult. But you can still follow a few of its principles.

Main Gate

It is better to have your main gate located in the northeast direction. You get riches and prosperity from all directions.


Your bedrooms should be located in the Southwest direction. You can also get the bedroom of the eldest person in your house constructed in this spot.


The kitchen should ideally be located in the southwest corner of the house. Store drinking water in the northeast direction of the kitchen.


Your washrooms should be in the south or southwest.


Your study room should ideally be located in the east or north or in the centre of the south of the house. Sit against the south or west wall facing north. There should be no door or window facing your back.


The ideal place for all your electronics is the south direction.

Marriageable Individuals

Make sure that their bedroom is located in the south of the house.

Centreof the house

This area should be empty and should have not pillars or beams

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