Black Magic Removal Specialist in DelhiUsing Hoodoo or Magic positively; Dr. Taara Malhotra tells how!

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Using Hoodoo or Magic positively; Dr. Taara Malhotra tells how!

Dr. Taara Malhotra, India’s leading tarot card reader, numerologist and psychic healer based in Delhi and Gurgaon tells us that Hoodoo or magic has been in practice since centuries and is a powerful positive force, but not everyone believes in it. It is not specific to any culture, religion or region and thus has its footprints almost everywhere. Its proponents are clear, so are those who do not see any good in it. Despite technological, educational and scientific advancements, these magical practices prevail throughout the country, from tribal communities to the upper classes. The name of these practices vary from place to place as per the languages used by the people. But it was Dr. Taara Malhotra who told us that Hoodoo is one of the most beneficial magical techniques that helps people find peace and solutions in their times of trouble. “What you see in Movies showing Hoodoo being used negatively is totally wrong. Hoodoo is one ancient concept and a grounded practice that has been used by specialists for so many decades and even today to help and empower people in their low phases.”

What needs to be understood is that the Hoodoo practices are localized and have different characteristics and the ways in which they are done but the most common area of magical concern is the healing of humans, animals and even machinery such as vehicles. These practices in many rural set-ups or urban set-ups form an important part of people whose belief in these practices is unwavering. Dr. Taara Malhotra elaborated on how media spoilt the image of Hoodoo and black magic despite both being positive ways of healing and helping people live their life in a better way. “Hoodoo and black magic has also been associated with a negative reputation, where the practices are primarily used to do harm to someone with whom you do not necessarily agree or out of some kind of rivalry. However, with time, Hoodoo and magic have been used to bring in positive changes or to set things right or for a peaceful and healthy life. In a lot of communities and cultures, people even today use Hoodoo or black magic or even conjuring mostly for healing processes.”

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Dr. Taara Malhotra shared more on how in many cultures, the role of the doctors is excluded and instead magic is used to heal. This is either done at home or at specialized locations and the rituals are usually performed by specialists. The rites take the form of an expulsion, driving away the invading force by using mantras and taking the help of the goddess. Patients are often given protective amulets to prevent them from any problems in the future. Dr. Taara Malhotra, who is based in Delhi and Gurgaon, has also been using Hoodoo and black magic to heal her clients.

“You would be amazed to know that even today in many tribal communities, these practices are used if a woman fails to conceive, in safely delivering the child or to ward off any complications during pregnancy. The practitioners use magical treatments such as exorcism to bathing in certain waters and chant mantras. The specific problem and its remedy may be identified through many divinatory rituals. However, the modern world is also getting a lot of benefits from Hoodoo practice which is highly calming if done by an expert!”

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Despite India having come a long way in the educational sector and the changes therein, a few areas of human concern which do not have any scientific base continue. The treatment of various human ailments or to find remedies to specific problems through superstition and magic continue to boom. Business inauguration, purchasing a vehicle or buying a house may be accompanied by special puja rituals for removing and negating the evil influences and then the peacefully enjoying life. Important life events such as those for children – naming, first solid feeding and cutting of hair — and weddings are all associated with symbolic performances, pujas, mantras and beliefs that may be interpreted as magical.

Magic enchants the world of the senses by means of divine power. Though the tools and techniques vary from one region to the other, some basic features are universal. Of them, the first and foremost is the mantra which is the most powerful tool in the magician’s bag. Mantras are verbal formulas used for blessing, cursing and for spells. Thus, magic pervades human life and many communities wouldn’t imagine life without it.

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