Numerological correction analysisThe Alignment of Signature with Numerology by Dr. Taara Malhotra

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The Alignment of Signature with Numerology by Dr. Taara Malhotra

Signature is no less than your identity and reflection. Signature is much more than just writing on the paper; it is your personality trait and says a lot about your persona. Remember when you were a child and you were highly particular about choosing a type of signature… that was because you wanted an aesthetic and impressive signature.

Yes, it is important to be particular about your signature because your signature marks your impression especially when you sign them on all important documents; whether it is your joining letter or any ownership deed or the registry of your home or any financial transaction! Importance of signature is also apparent in the very fact that your every banking transaction depends on your signature and if your signatures don’t match, the transaction is not authorised. Since the signature is of paramount important, we have with us Dr.Taara Malhotra who would be talking about what kind of signatures you should choose.

Importance Of Your Signature In Numerology

For those, who are not aware, Dr.Taara Malhotra is a psychic, healer, a clairvoyant & paranormal expert who helps people to come out of negativity, sorcery, dark projections, black magic, evil eye and adverse situations. She has been practicing numerology and tarot card for last 12 years and all her predictions about celebrities and her clients have come true. She has been helping people heal from mental illness and supporting them in tackling challenges of relationships, health issues, business loss, mental health and success obstacles.

The Alignment of Signature with Numerology

She expresses the importance of signature saying that, “Your signature is not just about your handwriting or aesthetics. It is also about numerology and your life journey. So you should pay attention to choosing the right kind of signature. Signature is your official confirmation. In fact, your signature brings good luck. So am sharing some observations that you can match in your current signature and opt for changes with my customized guidance.”

There are many aspects that can be observed in a signature like –

  1. Rather than straight, slanting signature is considered good as it shows your growth curve. But make sure the signature is slanted upward and not downward.
  2. People who underline their signature are honest and very responsible. Their integrity quotient is also very high.
  3. People who sign signature in a tilted manner, as said about, titled towards right are optimistic and enthusiastic but those with a left-side tilted signature are still dwelling in the past.
  4. People who give equal importance to their name and surname in the signature are balanced by nature and proactive in decision making. While people who write their names prominently but not the surname, are considered attention seekers and those who highlight surname more are considered laid back.

Some tips shared by Dr.Taara Malhotra on making your signature goodwill symbol –

  • If you seek prosperity, make sure that your signature is pointed to the right and have an upward slant because downwards land is a symbol of recession and de-growthmindset. Also never ever circles your signature or put them in some blocked element because that is like inviting stuck situations in life and you would never be able to grow.
  • Always complete the alphabets in your signature. If your signature has alphabet ‘t’, make sure to cross and if it has ‘i’, make sure to put dot on the i. Incomplete alphabets in the signature reflect your chances of losing money and attract incomplete projects in your life which again would be a cause of frustration for you.
  • If your signature is written in bold style, it reflects that you are confident to take up bigger things and steps in life but do not keep very large signature as they represent inferiority complex and insecurities.
  • Keep your signature close to your handwriting style so that you maintain honesty and integrity in life.
  • Having dots in your signature reflect your aesthetic nature so yes if you are keen to do creative work in life, you can incorporate some dots in your signature.
  • Always keep your name and surname in capital letters because it is considered auspicious. Using small alphabets is like reducing your own importance in life so Dr.Taara Malhotra always suggestsher clients to avoid using small alphabets in the name or surname in the signature.
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There are many more things that you can change in your signature to attract prosperity, blessings and good luck. For that you can book a personalized session with Dr.Taara Malhotra on her website or connect with her at Instagram at @taaramalhotraofficial

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