Twin Flame and SoulmateDr. Taara Malhotra Explains the Difference between Twin Flame and Soulmate

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Dr. Taara Malhotra Explains the Difference between Twin Flame and Soulmate

This is not a Valentine’s Day post or something that’s related to love and romance where you will be reading about twin flame, soulmates, lifelong connections, and forever friends. This is a purely energy-based post where we have with us Dr. Taara Malhotra, India’s leading paranormal and psychic energy expert to talk about twin flames and soulmates that we meet and encounter in our life. Before we proceed further, let us tell you that Dr. Taara Malhotra is India’s leading tarot card reader and numerology expert who has done export predictions for Bollywood stars, for successful business ventures, for cricket matches, for political results, and even for stock market ups and downs. She is known for her humble nature and her will to help society when it comes to mental health matters.

She begins by explaining the twin flame and soulmates; how they are similar and different from each other. “A twin Flame is your other self or in other words, it is the person you are created alike! The easiest way to understand Twin flames is that they are the yin and yang of one soul and represent the masculine and feminine energy of one single soul. Twin flames are believed to be made from the same soul. A twin flame is aligned with each other perfectly while soulmates are supposed to be your instant and deep connection souls. So, your twin flame will complete you while a soulmate or soulmates are supposed to supplement you.”

This means there can be many soulmates throughout life but a twin flame is generally one single person. Twin flame is naturally romantic while soulmates can even be your parent, your friend or your life partner, husband or wife etc. So is it essential to understand the concept of twin flame and soulmate? She answers that it is very basic that we must understand if any person is our twin flame or soulmate.

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“People affect us in our life. We all have some Karmic relationships that are meant to teach us some lessons, help us grow, become a better version of ourselves, and heal our past traumas. So the purpose of a twin flame coming into your life or a soulmate coming into your life is that now your healing period has started and you are going to grow in your life. Most of us don’t get to meet a twin flame or soulmate in one lifetime. Yes, I am being honest. We are living with our husband or wife and we are totally in love with them but they may not be our twin flame or soulmate.”

Dr. Taara Malhotra shared about the past life regression of her young client who had a love-hate relationship with her mother. Her mother was quite dominating but very supportive as well. So during energy analysis, it was discovered that the mother was the soul mate of the young girl and that’s why she helped her maximum in her education, in overcoming her physical problems, and creating her success story but she also interfered a lot in her life.

“That’s what I always tell people that your soulmate will test your patience. Both soulmates and twin flames are your deep connection. With soulmates, you may feel an instant spark but they will cause a lot of emotional upheavals also. They will make you angry, sad, and depressed… but you need to understand that they are in their life to teach you a lesson. However, the relationship with the twin flame is far more challenging because they are part of the same soul. So there are bound to be some fights and misunderstandings.”

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But is there a way to judge if someone is your twin flame or soulmate? That’s what we asked Dr. Taara Malhotra and she said, “Yes, you can analyze by how you communicate. Your communication with your Twin Flame would be effortless. The understanding level would be superb. That’s the first tell-tale sign of two people being twin flames. It is like one person thinks and the other already knows or says the same. Telepathy is strongest between twin flames.”

As Dr. Taara Malhotra already explained Twin flames have a romantic relationship so she gets hundreds of questions every day about whether a person is someone’s twin flame and whether they should marry each other. Her answer is dependent on a comprehensive personalized analysis. Twin flames can have a very happy marital relationship if they have healed their past. That’s what Dr. Taara Malhotra, a relationship and energy expert based in Delhi and Gurgaon told us.

So if you are also confused about someone or some relationship in your life and you need guidance on what to do next; you can connect with her on her Instagram @TaaraMalhotraOfficial and book your appointment.

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