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Services – Taara Malhotra



Tarot Card Reading

Empower your decisions with Tarot Card Reading. It is a divine tool that helps you answers your questions about past, present or future by choosing and interpreting a tarot card.
Dr. Taara offers expert level Tarot Card reading guidance that will help you gain insight & guidance on all matters of your life so you move ahead in life with confidence.
You can do Tarot card reading course also in person or online through WhatsApp and Skype sessions.

Name Correction

Having a correct name is very important as it impacts our success , growth , destiny , money, career ..If unforeseen reasons delay your work OR
If unknown people cause troubles in your life OR
If your relations continue going up or down
.We help you with core t name as per your date of birth ..
Book your personal consultation and opt for Name Correction.

Signature & Mobile No Correction

We carry our mobile always with us & it’s a connect with the world and a very important business tool; and sometimes the problems or degrowth you face in your career could be because of a MISMATCHED Mobile Number.. Some people even have losses in business or face recurring money & relationship issues..Signature not done properly can lead to lack of growth & stuck in life too..
.It is important to have your mobile number in harmony with your birth numbers & signature done properly so to get a positive push and support from the Universe.
We do correction mobile number & Signature Analysis by analyzing your birth chart, soul plan, life numbers & one that works positively with your choice of career also.Both would help remove obstacles and bottlenecks in your personal and business life.

Black Magic & Nazar Removal

Black Magic can truly play ruin with the lifetime of the objective individual by decimating any part of life may it’s profession/business or riches/thriving, making family issues or pointless strains/fears, antagonistically influencing youngsters and family, making interminable medical issues, wrecking mental harmony, insight and joy, cause internal unrest, distress and strange/irregular conduct and even reason unnatural passings in extraordinary conditions.
Black Magic not just influences the present conditions but future possibilities of a person , physical ailments, influences the mind also .. Dr. Taara Malhotra being a clairvoyant & Healer can help you break these negative energies

Black Magic Removal Specialist in Delhi NCR.

Vaastu Analysis & Space Healing

Dr. Taara is an Vaastu Expert & Space healer ..We balance the energy of the house without demolition or structural changes.. She believes in Making happiness & prosperity come knocking your doors. Vaastu Shastra is the science of architecture whereby you can design your work & living space in sync with the positive energy of the Universe.It is extremely beneficial to get Vaastu correction done when there is a prolonged disease, unfortunate accidents or bigger/unforeseen losses happening in your life.Avail Vaastu guidance & analysis especially before constructing any new property or doing any renovation.

Numerology Analysis

Let the Numbers work in your favour. Numerology is the science of understanding and interpreting your life numbers according to your birth date. It helps you understand your personality traits,destiny, events,lucky years & the right time & right course of action to give you maximum benefit or minimal harm.Numerology consultation available on all matters of career, finances, investment, health, relationships and self-growth.Offering beginner level and advanced level courses in Numerology for personal growth or to be taken up as a career.

Candle Magic

Candle magick is a tool that helps people to focus on their intent in all matters related to career, finances, investment, health, relationships and growth. She helps you with her Magickal powers to take charge of your life & destiny.She also offers a special course on this that includes candle magick, incantations, how to cast circle, protection method, connecting with angels and all that will help you gain insight in your intent and cosmic energy.

Spell Casting

Spell casting is one of the powerful tool to manifest your wishes & live a happy secure life..

Offering Spellcasting Personalised Services to magically fulfil your intention and potential to get desired results
Hundreds of people have benefitted from these services across the world.
You too can make the Magick work in your favour with universal guidance. Taara Malhotra personally casts spells on behalf of clients to attract what you desire in life be it money, relationship, protection, good health, reconciliation, business, more clients, good luck, favouring boss, promotion, new job, buying & selling property, wish fulfillment a d many more

Wicca (Witchcraft)

Wicca: She provides authentic traditional wicca magick & rituals to bring a desired change in your life. She harnessees the psychic energies & elements of the nature to change your circumstances or life as per your wish be it money, relationship, career, success, power, protection,wish manifestation.

Conjuring ( Hoodoo)

Conjuring (Hoodoo): Let her magickal powers do wonders for you. Being a master conjurer, rootworker & spirit healer, She can help you with emotional issues, mental blockages, free you from negativety & Financial worries .

Offering authentic hoodoo spells, rituals , products, services as well as personal and distance learning program.

Relationship Healing

It doesn’t make a difference in case you’re hitched, living respectively or single – I am here to support you.

Bunches of individuals have a thought of what relationship directing is and believe that you possibly need advising when things get downright terrible. Be that as it may, I am here at whatever point you need me, regardless of what circumstance you face in your relationship. Regardless of whether your issues appear to be paltry, I can help.

Angel Healing & Therapy

Angel Healing is a spiritual healing method that involves working with a person’s guardian angels & archangels, to heal & harmonize every aspect of life. Dr. Taara is an expert Angel Healer who can communicate with higher realms, Guardians & Angels to provide Angel Healings & Therapy & can seek their help to solve the issues.The Angel Healing Session will also involve Angel Reiki which becomes a very powerful system to connect to the Angels & make best use of the Usui Reiki System.

Reiki & Karmic Healing

Reiki is a spiritual practice & healing technique to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body. Reiki is also used as alternative medicine & is sometimes classified as oriental medicine. It accelerates the bodies’ self-healing abilities, Removes energy blockages, adjusts the energy flow of the body into balance and harmony. She provides Reiki Healing for all diseases, Relationship issues, Marriage, Career , Job , Money issues.Karmic Reiki is a beautiful and gentle form of Reiki to heal & cleanse our Karma, past lives issues, karmic baggages.The symbols work on emotional, mental, physical, spiritual & Auric levels.

Coffee Cup Reading

Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling technique is one of the oldest & highly accurate techniques of understanding present or future by observing the patterns and images in the bottom of Turkish coffee cup. This art of fortune telling is easy to learn and practice; it will give you the power to take right decisions on the basis and help you grow with inner strength and positivity. Coffee Cup Reading Course in Delhi/Ncr.
She provides coffee cup reading sessions to help you gain insight in your future ..You can learn this modality in person or through distance learning program as well.

Yantra & Talisman Creation

Yantra & Talisman Creation
Amulet, also called Talisman, an object, either natural or man-made, believed to be endowed with special powers to guard or bring luck
I make yantras & talismans to make positive changes in life. Thus, my talismans can:
– Attract love;
– Help you being in good health;
– Make you rich;
– Ensure you against individuals, detestable powers and dark enchantment;
– Help you give up your bad habits;
– Make you happy and fill your life with joy;
– Fight diseases;
– Attract good luck and success:
– Help you with your studies, win at gambling, achieve career success or success at show business, etc.
Dream, , figure out what can make you happy, and place your order. I am excellent at different branches of magic to form the foremost effective talisman to satisfy your specific needs. I will make it for you & then charge it in a special way to make sure it connects to your energies to make your dreams come true with powerful magic talismans.
However, your dreams should be reasonable. Talismans cannot fulfill unrealistic or crazy dreams.

Aura Cleansing& Chakra Balancing

Cleansing your aura will remove the dark energies that surround it, allowing positivity flow into your life. An unclean aura will prevent you from having a fulfilling life. Aura cleansing is a process of Reshaping the aura if there is any distortion ,Cleansing the aura from negative energy, Energizing Aura with positive energy,Make lasting changes.

Chakras are like the power stations of our body, bringing it to life, and keeping it healthy. Each chakra is associated with different parts of us and they need to spin totally in balance for us to feel good. We cannot avoid coming into contact with negative energy or feeling down sometimes, but there is a lot that we can do to change our feelings from negative to positive and to protect ourselves from harmful energy in the environment

Blockages in Aura or Chakras create issues in our daily life , money blockages, relationship & Health issues and can even attract black magic & psychic attacks

Taara can sense the auric defects & chakra imbalncing hence specializes in aura cleansing & Chakra Balancing ..

Lama Fera Healing

Lama Fera is the powerful healing modality in which 45 symbols of Shalvik Mantra Rahasya are created with the vibrations of 4,50,000 mantras and are converted into 12 special symbols which are used by healer. It is said to be the fastest energy based healing modality available on the planet today. It works more effective and multi fold times than Reiki or Pranic Healing.
Balances and strengthens all the Chakras in body. Thereby balancing all kind of emotional, mental and physical problems.
Helps in Space & Vaastu Healing a d even removing spirits , black magic ..
Taara Malhotra provides hands on healing sessions of Lama Fera to help you come out of issues of your life

Crystal Healing

Matter : Crystal Therapy/Healing
Taara Malhotra has a decade long experience in crystal Healing.Crystal Therapy is an ancient technique, Crystals have a natural capability to store and radiate energy, have curative powers and therefore are powerful healing tools if used correctly. The therapeutic powers of crystals can be channelled to help balance bodily systems and emotions and to heal everyday complaints and ailments from headaches, migraine and stress, insomnia and lack of concentration, clear resident blocks of negative energy, channelize positive energy, and balance the overall energy system of the body, can be used to attract money , harmonise relationships & can be used for protection too.

Astrology & Gemstones

When it comes to Astrology, accuracy in predictions is extremely important & Dr. Taara Malhotra is one of the most eminent astrologers across India . She has mastered the field of Astrology over the years and can provide remedies & guidance based on charts ..

Health Issues

Get Precise Remedies and solution for your chronic health issues from Dr. Taara Malhotra . The remedies can include vastu corrections, numerological remedies, upaye, right yogas and nakshatras, which gem to be worn, best color & numbers to be used, mantras to be enchanted and what to be avoided!!

Business & Career

Get consultation for the problems in Business, know the correct name for business, auspicious directions for placement of office or work furniture, correct signature , know what precautions & remedies to be performed while starting new business, find the reason for not getting enough customers, & stagnation in business. Also, Get career consultation to plan your career favored by your Grahas and Nakshatras, know the correct name spellings and colours auspicious for you, know about the challenges you will face in making your career, get awareness about various high and low phases in your career..

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