Full Moon Rituals by Psychic Energy Expert Taara MalhotraFull Moon Rituals by Psychic Energy Expert Taara Malhotra

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Full Moon Rituals by Psychic Energy Expert Taara Malhotra

Every month, we experience the ebb and flow of the moon’s phases, each imbued with its distinct energy. While the new moon heralds beginnings and invites us to set intentions, the full moon marks a period of culmination, release, and renewal. Occurring approximately every 28–30 days, the full moon illuminates the sky in the zodiac sign opposite the sun sign, offering a celestial dance of polarity. Today, we have Dr. Taara Malhotra who will be sharing Full Moon Energy Rituals with us which you can perform on Feb 24th, 2024 night; the night of Full Moon. The date on this day comes as 24-02-2024! Renowned psychic energy expert Taara Malhotra offers insightful guidance on how to connect with this cosmic phenomenon and unlock its transformative power.

According to Dr. Taara Malhotra, Full Moon is the time we often feel the sensation of spiritual “shedding,” a process of letting go of old friends, thought patterns, habits, responsibilities, and clutter that no longer serve our highest good. The full moon’s radiant glow acts as a metaphorical spotlight, shining light on aspects of our lives or selves that are out of alignment with our future trajectory. This illumination provides us with an opportunity for introspection, clarity, and perspective, allowing us to discern what needs releasing and what deserves nurturing. By embracing the full moon’s energy of release and surrender, we create space for new opportunities, growth, and alignment with our authentic selves, ultimately paving the way for greater fulfillment and purpose in our lives.

Full Moon Rituals by Psychic EnergyFull Moon Rituals by Psychic Energy

  • In Taara Malhotra’s holistic approach to full moon rituals, intention setting takes center stage. Setting clear intentions allows individuals to align their energy with the lunar cycle, facilitating manifestation and personal growth. Whether it’s manifesting abundance, releasing negativity, or cultivating inner peace, the full moon serves as a powerful catalyst for intention manifestation.
  • Meditation plays a pivotal role in Dr. Taara Malhotra’s rituals, serving as a conduit for channeling lunar energy and attuning to one’s inner wisdom. Through mindful meditation practices, participants can tap into the subconscious mind, gaining clarity and insight into their desires and aspirations.
  • Crystal charging is another integral aspect of Taara Malhotra’s full moon rituals. Crystals are believed to possess unique energetic properties that can amplify intentions and facilitate healing. By placing crystals under the moonlight during the full moon, individuals can infuse them with lunar energy, enhancing their vibrational frequency and efficacy.

Ultimately, Taara Malhotra’s full moon rituals offer a holistic approach to harnessing lunar energy for personal transformation and spiritual growth. By integrating intention setting, meditation, crystal charging, and sacred ceremonies, participants can align with the rhythm of the cosmos and unlock their full potential under the radiant glow of the full moon.

Those seeking to harness the transformative power of the full moon can turn to Taara Malhotra’s guidance for inspiration and insight on how to craft their own meaningful rituals. She recommend following rituals for all –


Full Moon Rituals by Psychic EnergyFull Moon Rituals by Psychic EnergyFull Moon Rituals by Psychic Energy

  1. Clearing Space:
  • Focus on both internal and external environments.
  • Clear clutter to invite abundance into your home.
  • Pay attention to specific energy centers like the front door and the oven.
  • Tasks include washing the bathroom, floors, and windows, cleaning closets and junk drawers, and reorganizing.
  1. Altar Cleansing:
  • Clean and adorn your altar with fresh offerings.
  • Offer reverence to spirit guides, deities, and ancestors.
  1. Journaling Release Ritual:
  • Spend solitary time journaling to identify what you’re ready to let go of.
  • Write down these intentions and burn the list in a fire-safe bowl.
  • Symbolize release as the list turns to ash, and dispose of it with intention, such as burying it or flushing it away.
  1. Sacred Smoke Cleansing:
  • Utilize sustainably harvested sage, palo santo, or other herbs like cedar, mugwort, and lavender for cleansing.
  • Start from the back of your space and move to each corner, intending to bring in energies of love, abundance, health, or any other desired qualities.
  1. Alignment with Natural Rhythms:
  • Embrace the cyclical nature of life that the full moon symbolizes.
  • Ground yourself in the present moment and connect with the eternal “oneness” of existence.
  • Enjoy the magic of life and celebrate the beauty of the full moon.Full Moon Rituals by Psychic Energy













We all should celebrate the full moon by engaging in these rituals, allowing ourselves to align with the natural rhythms of the universe and invite positive energy and transformation into your life. For any queries on full moon rituals or Mauni Amavasya (Feb 9th, 2024) rituals; you can connect directly with Dr. Taara Malhotra through her Instagram. DM her at @taaramalhotraofficial.

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