Vastu Shastra to boost BusinessVastu Tips By Dr. Taara MalhotraDr. Taara Malhotra shares Vastu Shastra to boost Business growth and Workplace positivity

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Dr. Taara Malhotra shares Vastu Shastra to boost Business growth and Workplace positivity


Owning a business is a step in the direction of financial freedom. The success of a business highly depends on the workforce and team, the idea of the venture as well as the place and infrastructure of the work area. For the overall success of a business, it is imperative to balance the five elements of nature – air, water, fire, earth, and sky – within the workplace. Vastu Shastra is the science of balancing the energies of all the elements with the structure and direction of a business area.

We have Dr. Taara Malhotra, top Vastu Consultant of India with us to talk on how Vastu-aligned business spaces and workplaces attract more business, wealth and growth opportunities. She is India’s leading Vastu expert and she will share some Vastu tips also in this article.


Vastu Shastra to boost Business


These days, people give equal importance to the Vastu of a place as much to the team they choose to work with. Here are a few tips and remedies from expert Vastu consultant Dr. Taara Malhtra to make the workplace Vastu-friendly for more profitable and successful business ventures:

  1. Center of the Place: The main thing to focus on the Vastu of any place is to begin with the Center of the place. The center of any place, be it a shop or factory or godown or office; should be kept lighter and levelled with the rest of the place. There should be no dips or lows or heavy weight near the center of your work place.


  1. Plot Shape: While a rectangular or square plot is ideal, finding one in cities with established markets is difficult. In such a case, a Shermukhi design – a broader land plan from the front and narrower at the back – is the most conducive to a successful business establishment. The best Vastu Consultant Dr. Taara Malhootra feels that this plan attracts a lot of positive energy, new clients, customers, and investors and the narrowed back helps store that positivity.


  1. Direction or Facing: North, Northeast, and Northwest directions attract positivity, prosperity, and good luck. North is also the direction of Lord Kubera- the God of Wealth as per Hindu mythology. A business establishment facing any of these directions helps generate profits and teems with gainful opportunities. Adding an entrance from the North or East helps attract growth and viability.


  1. Head of the Establishment: The owner of the business or the head of the workplace must occupy an office in the West, facing towards the Northeast direction. The direction promotes leadership abilities and a positive outlook toward situations. Employees as well as business owners must ensure that their backs never face doors. This is rooted in the belief that one must be able to see and welcome new opportunities. Further, facing the door also instills instant trust and comfort within the clients and employees alike, opening rooms for discussions and better communication. However, a solid wall behind the owner’s chair is a reflection of strength and support.


  1. Team of Employees: Vastu Shastra emphasizes opening space for better communication between leaders and their teams. However, each department in a workplace has a specific role and each direction has different energy that promotes growth. For example, entrepreneurs must sit facing north, east, or northeast direction while accountants must sit in the southeast corner, facing northeast to increase the flow of wealth. The marketing and sales team is supposed to be a proactive and creative bunch. Their seating should be arranged in the northwest direction, in such a way that they face towards the northeast direction.

Vastu Shastra to boost Business


“After the seating arrangement, some strategic Vastu-friendly placement of important paraphernalia around the workplace also ensures growth and success in businesses,” says Dr. Taara Malhotra, India’s top Vastu Shastra expert. According to her –


  1. The idols of deities or pictures of the Gods must be placed in the northeast direction as it brings luck and prosperity.
  2. Placing French lavender or green jade flowers in the reception area attracts positivity, while a four-leaf clover attracts luck and fortune.
  3. Instead of piling up the finished goods and products around the office desks, they must be neatly placed in the northwest direction as the direction promotes sales and earnings.
  4. All the documents with respect to finances must be neatly piled and stored in the southwest area of the workspace.
  5. The desks and tables used by the employees, as well as the business owners or entrepreneurs, must be rectangular in shape, made of sturdy wood or metal. According to Vastu Shastra, a strong and sturdy worktop ensures sincerity and dedication towards work.
  6. Vastu Shastra puts emphasis on decluttering and neatness of the workplace. A tidy work area attracts positive energy. Cleaning the desk first thing in the morning fills the employees with a sense of achievement and psychologically, prepares them for the tasks throughout the day.
  7. Also, lighting the workplace with proper fittings nullifies confusion, negativity and lethargy. Light fixtures with proper strategic focal points ensure positivity, vigor, the flow of ideas, and happiness.


Including these Vastu remedies in a workplace helps promote growth, profitability, and success in businesses. But still, you must choose to take custom consultation for your business place Vastu Shastra if you wish to design your fortune. Book your Vastu consultation with Dr. Taara Malhotra, most successful Vastu Consultant online at Instagram or her website. You can DM her at @taaramalhotraofficial

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