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Dr. Taara Malhotra recommends Lama Fera course for everyone

The very word Lama brings into the mind some aspect of Buddhism and you are right Lama Fera is a highly powerful and effective healing technique which has been followed by the Buddhists and practised by the Tibetan Lamas. Dr. Taara Malhotra, India’s leading psychic energy expert and healer explains the meaning of Lama FERA -so Lama means a disciple of Lord Buddha and the word Fera means Circle or reversing. Dr. Taara Malhotra is famous as India’s top numerologist and tarot card reader based in Delhi and Gurgaon. She shares more details on how Lama Fera is the most powerful and fastest healing technique that helps you channelise your energy in a healthy direction and thus changes your life positively.

“Lama Fera is definitely one of the most effective healing techniques that can heal anyone in five seconds! So if you are facing negative energy in your life or if someone in your family or you remain sick or if you’re feeling anxious or depressed. Lama Fera can also help you to clear black magic, spirit possession clearing, space clearing, vastu healing, Joining a Lama Fera course is very beneficial. Guru Dosha, Nadi Dosha, Kaalsarp Dosha, Mangal Dosha, Pitra Dosha, and other Doshas in the Kundali can all be removed with it. This technique also helps in Planetary Healing and heals chronic diseases from the root cause.”

Dr. Taara Malhotra often takes sessions and courses to teach Lama Fera technique because she feels this is the best course to balance all 7 chakras and seal aura. She even says that if you are facing monetary issues in life or your life feels tangled or something negative is happening in your life, you can come out of the situation by balancing your energies through Lama Fera technique.

Lama Fera is a very powerful technique that can help you come out of diseases, overcome fear, anxiety and stress and you can also connect with your higher self. So it is not just materialistic benefits but Lama Fera is a wonderful course for those who wish to grow spiritually as well. You can start by learning and practising Lama Fera special mantras that you that you need to learn how to recite them. Dr. Taara Malhotra shares the experience of her client, “I have had a client who was under the possession of negative energy and felt black magic hampering her life. She approached me to get healing done. I recommended her doing Lama Fera course with me and within three months, I could see 360° change in how her life had become happier and smooth. She herself confessed that she felt her space clear from any spirits or negative energies and she was able to balance her Chakras and past life energy also with the help of Lama Fera techniques. That’s why I recommend everyone to do Lama Fera course once because it will help you whenever you face any problem in your life like emotional problems or depression or financial crunch.”


Lama Fera has also helped people free themselves from the negativity of the past lives. There are certain Doshas in our kundli which affect our present moment. Most of the times, these Doshas causes diseases in our life. “I had a client with Kalsarp Dosh in his kundli. His family approached me for help and I recommended to his family to learn Lama Fera technique and give him healing through that. He was ill for many years but learning Lama Fera and practising it helped him recover from the illness. So I have hundreds of success stories related to Lama Fera technique especially of chronic disease patients who have regained their health with Lama Fera practice in 21 to 42 days’ time.”


Lama Fera course also includes details and teaching of Bandhan Moksh Kriya. This kriya or ritual will help you FREE yourself from Money blockage, Relationship issues, Career blockages, business problems, health challenges, Black Magic or Evil Eye, and Chakras blockages. Lama Fera technique as a whole saves you from dark forces or negativity and, purifies your body and soul by enthusing positive pure energy and bliss you. This change or reversal is called FERA. It is a wonderful course for those who need emotional and mental healing.

Dr. Taara Malhotra has started Lama Fera course and you can enrol as soon as possible. The course content includes history of Lama Fera, its importance, Healing Kit & how to use it, Symbols in Lama Fera (12 Symbols), Mantra chanting process, space healing, Karmic healing, Black magic and entities clearing Healing, Lama Fera Standard Healing, Lama Fera Advanced Healing for Manifestation, Toran Kriya, Satik Kriya and Bandh Mokshan Kriya. You can DM her at Instagram @taaramalhotraofficial for more details or check her website

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