reverse bad fortune or undo a ‘jinx’Dr. Taara Malhotra explains Jinxing & rituals to un-do it

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Dr. Taara Malhotra explains Jinxing & rituals to un-do it

A jinx is a bad omen or something or someone that brings bad luck or misfortune. It is a curse which brings negativity. Those who believe in superstition or folklore believe in jinxing. People believe it is a significant force which has come to be associated with evil and can bring a state or spell of bad luck to them. We have with us Dr. Taara Malhotra, India’s top psychic energy expert based in Delhi and Gurugram, who will share not only her expertise and knowledge but also guide people on how to un-d the jinx.

“Jinxing is not just part of the Indian culture but across the world, people believe in it. It is an old tradition, widely spread and very much alive today. We see them all around us every day. Many of you may think that it is only a superstition and is not backed by any scientific reasoning. But I have seen people suffering in life because of Jinxing,” Dr. Taara Malhotra who was one of the leading psychic energy expert in Discovery Plus show ‘Dark Mysteries: Anjaan Kahaniyaan’ is also an energy cleanser and helps people overcome the negative energies and jinx or bad omens in life. She shares how in many cultures it has been observed that people who want to harm an enemy or envy the other person use jinxes to manipulate the spiritual world.

Understanding Jinx and Jinxing

It has been seen that people say the word jinx when they utter the same word or phrase at the same time. A person who seems to have bad luck or attract bad luck to people around them is also sometimes called a ‘jinx’. It is not always the other person who can jinx you. Sometimes, we tend to jinx ourselves by thinking too much about something or expecting things to happen a certain way.

Jinxes are often spoken of in unserious contexts, but can have serious repercussions for the target. A jinx is also used in occult magic and can be more harmful for the target, causing them greater annoyance.

She shared three main aspects and popular beliefs about jinxing –

  • The basic idea behind jinx is that people saying good things may turn into misfortune in the future. It works on two mechanisms which are as follows. One is that bragging about your good fortune will reverse your blessings and take you back to your former position. The second is that other people will feel jealous of your blessings and give you the evil eye.
  • Sometimes, jinxes are relatively smaller spells and harmless. When a jinx is cast on someone, it will cause them minor annoyances. Jinxes are generally mean-spirited for the target and are cast when someone wants something negative to happen to his or her target. They do not last long, although a specific time frame can be set before casting a jinx.
  • Many people do not share happy news with others for fear of being jinxed. Posting happy pictures on social media might attract jinx as people can envy the happiness and good times one is enjoying.

Can Jinx be removed?

Yes, Jinx can be removed, said Dr. Taara Malhotra while explaining there are many minor and major jinx. Seeing a broken mirror is considered a jinx, stepping in water wearing socks, a black cat crossing the street at the same time a person is crossing the road is considered to bring misfortune.

“To fend off bad luck or jinx, every culture has its own rituals such as spitting, throwing a ball away, knocking on wood, throwing away salt, burning chillies or lemon, hanging green chillies and lemon on the main door of the house or shop, using black kohl on the face of a child or using kohl behind the ear of a bride to ward off the evil eye. But there are other ways also to address jinxes and negative energies in your life., We invoke the blessings of guardian angels, we do candle magick, affirmations and positive energy therapies to undo the jinxes.”

Dr. Taara Malhotra shared that she regularly does sessions, in Delhi and Gururgram, one to one personalized consultation and sessions, to relieve people from the harmful effects of jinxing and negative energies. She also said that the other ways to avoid the jinx are share the good news but keep it subdued, learn how to separate people who are genuinely happy with your success and those who envy you, choose to share your success with real friends who will be happy for you, don’t reveal the finest details of your success, be happy for people as what goes around comes around, be kind to people no matter what and look inwards for validation before sharing any happy news with the rest.

You can meet Dr. Taara Malhotra fi you are facing jinx or negative energies in your life. She meets people for consultation and healing sessions in Delhi and Gururgram. You can connect with her on Instagram at @TaaraMalhotraOfficial

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