Tarot Card reading accurate and relevantIs Tarot Card reading accurate and relevant?

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Is Tarot Card reading accurate and relevant? Dr. Taara Malhotra answers


The most-searched and asked question about Tarot Card reading is “Does Tarot Card reading work?” While, most of the things in this life and world depend on our beliefs, we have got Dr. Taara Malhotra with us who is India’s leading tarot card reader based in Delhi and Gurgaon. She is known worldwide for her expert tarot card reading skills and has predicted the future for celebrities as well.Tarot Card reading accurate and relevant. She also feels that tart card reading is not fortune telling because eventually a person is the creator of one’s fortune. She is here with us to answer how correct or accurate tarot card reading is.

“I believe that the Universe supports all of us and guides us in the right direction; since we are not able to understand the language of the Universe so modalities like tarot card reading help us in getting the universal guidance. Tarot card reading is highly effective and works with every person but a lot depends on how you want to use it.”

The universe works as a beautiful mechanism. It is meant to support you. It is meant to help us achieve our desires. It is meant to help all of us grow and heal.Tarot Card reading accurate and relevant. That’s why all the modalities you see in the metaphysical world like astrology, numerology, tarot card reading… all these are meant to give you or pass on to you the signals of universe that would help in your growth. But tarot card does not mean predicting the future.

“Through tarot cards, we can get a sign of how things will unfold in the future but the ultimate decision is yours. You pick a card from a deck and that’s how your decision would be impacted in future on the basis of your choices. For example, when I did the tarot card analysis for Argentina vs France final match in the FIFA World Cup; the tarot cards of France came out to be very strong, and it appeared that they might win the cup. But when I picked up the taort card for Messi, I could feel that he will influence the match a lot and his contribution may make Argentina win the World Cup. And that’s what happened; Argentina won after a gap of 36 years thanks to Messi’s goals. So ultimately, tart cards will give you the signals of things to happen in future.”

We asked Dr. Taara Malhotra that since now everyone is talking about Covid’s new variant BF7 Omicron and so can she predict the future for our health in the coming year. To which she answered, “So if you are asking me would there be another lockdown; I would say NO on the basis of tarot cards. But that doesn’t mean the new variant won’t affect India. A lot depends on India’s preparations also. All I can see through cards is that India’s 2023 is good and health. The society and economy shows positive signs but if the government or the people don’t take precautions, things may go worse. You cannot blame a tarot card session for wrong prediction if you are careless yourself!”

Tarot Card reading accurate and relevant

Most of the people question should we opt for tarot card reading when it cannot tell the future exactly. The answer to this as given by Dr. Taara Malhotra is that nothing can predict your future accurately. Even the astrology fails most of the times because the Universe has left a lot on our decisions.Tarot Card reading accurate and relevant. If a person reads his/her kundali and the pandit says that you have a long life and then the person decides to test it by going for cold water swimming in winter and tests his fortunes; in that case who can blame the astrology or kundali. We are the end result of our decisions… says Dr. Taara Malhotra who is an authority in numerology as well.

“The life doesn’t come with an instruction book. And most of the times we feel confused. So these modalities whether it is numerology or tarot card reading or even astrology, are meant to guide you in the right direction that would help you live a happy life. Tarot card reading gives near-accurate results in investments, career choices, relationship issues provided people follow up their decisions and actions with pure intent. But no one can guarantee results. It would be your bias if you think tarot card reader is accurate 100% or all the times.”

That was very well explained by Dr. Taara Malhotra whose majority of the readings based on tarot card come true. You can connect with her to know more about tarot card reading or for any confusion in your personal life. DM her on her Instagram @taaramalhotraofficial for a personalised session with tarot card reading.

You can get a detailed Numerological analysis from Dr. Taara Malhotra. Just connect with her through Instagram @taaramalhotraofficial and DM her to book your personalized session.

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