Tarot Card ReadingTarot Card Reading For Crucial Decisions in Life- Dr. Taara Malhotra

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Tarot Card Reading For Crucial Decisions In Life- Dr. Taara Malhotra

Tarot card reading, which is gaining prominence in India, is used by practitioners to gain insight into the past, present and future. It has particularly gained popularity since the pandemic as life went into turmoil and people started finding new ways to give meaning to their lives and find comfort in uncertain times. We have with us Dr. Taara Malhotra who would be talking about how Tarot Card reading is very useful whenever you are stuck or have doubts about a prominent situation of your life.

The history of tarot card reading dates back to the 1700s and is believed to have originated in northern Italy. Tarot card reading is a favorite tool for fortune-tellers, casual mystics and self-proclaimed psychics. The tarot cards have been used since the middle ages as tools for divination, self-discovery and introspection. They are used to know and understand the inner secrets of life.

For centuries, tarot card reading has been an esoteric thing supported by daunting literature of decades. There are so many rules which govern the tarot reading and these have been used by practitioners to keep others away from it. But not anymore. So many people are getting into the vast world of tarot reading the world over.

Tarot Card Reading

Let us first explain you what is Tarot Card reading and how it works:- Tarot card clients are supposed to formulate questions in their mind and then draw cards as per their inclination.Based upon the card drawn, the Tarot Card reader interprets the universal wisdom given through those cards.

“A tarot deck has 78 cards, divided into the minor arcana and the major arcana. The major arcana has 22 cards and the minorarcana has 56 cards. Each card is packed with information and some systems rely on numerology, astrology and the Kabbalah to give deeper or slightly different levels of meaning. Each deck is even slightly different.

I would sayone should practice more with the deck and get familiar with what it symbolizes.In case, you are keen to read your own card, you must remember that there is no one way to read the decks and each reader can do it their own way,” said Dr. Taara who is India’s leading Tarot Card reader and numerology expert.

Tarot cards tell stories about the cycles of our lives. Shuffling the deck, picking out cards and laying them out in order reveals what different trials and tribulations we might face during any given journey. Tarot is a complex language and every reading is different. Every Tarot reader and the methodology they use to interpret the way the cards interact with them is also different.

How these cards help in decision-making?

Dr. Taara Malhotra answered this question as, “Tarot card reading is a guidance tool and not a gospel truth. Tarot is all about energies and how they resonate. It is considered an illuminating mirror which helps put a life story into a context and is used mostly for gaining self-awareness, wisdom and life lessons.I call it divine’s voice.

Whenever you feel stuck or confused, say for example, if you should shift your job or not… picking a Tarot Card would help you understand the situation and you own soul plan better and the you will take a better and confident decision on the basis of Tarot’s guidance.”

That’s indeed very interesting. So if you have any question or confusion in mind, you can consult Dr. Taara Malhotra through her Instagram @taaramalhotraofficial and take personalized session.

We have also shared a few things to remember if you are keen to start out as a tarot reader are:

  • It starts with buying your own deck of cards and then getting to know them, also called familiarizing with them. A 78 deck is a lot of information to memorize. The cards are all different and need a lot of concentration to get the readings right. Experts suggest that the tarot card reading should be done in the morning so that one can keep it in mind and go through it during the day.
  • Tarot is a tool to facilitate talking about things.There is a sort of added mystical energy to it or some sort of mystical connection, which helps us to see people open up in a way that they might not do in a normal conversation. The special energy helps melts away the walls that people have and people can make meaningful conversation.
  • Dr. Taara Malhotra suggests finding a place with good vibes to start tarot card readings. They say it is not just the physical space which should be clean and sorted but also the mental space. They say burning sage and lighting candles will attract positive energies and prepare the place for the tarot reading sessions.
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You can connect with Dr. Taara Malhotra via her websit or through her official Instagram handle @taaramalhotraofficial and ask her questions and issues that you wish to heal. Tarot Card reading is very useful when you are stuck or have doubts about a prominent situation in your life, as Dr. Taara Malhotra will explain to us. Readers of Tarot cards in India gain insight into past, present, and future using this technique.

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