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Career, money and success – everyone wants it. But to live a luxurious and comfortable life, do you know what make people actually joyful and grateful? You guessed it right. It is relationships and love. End of the day, it is your partner and his or her caring ways that make all the challenges worthwhile. It doesn’t come as a surprise when Dr. Taara Malhotra told us that most of the youngsters take her consultation to heal their relationships and love life. Today she will talk about how Tarot card spreads can help you nurture your relationships and take the right decisions about your love life.

Love life Tarot Card Reading

“Let me first tell you one thing – the concept of soulmates exists but it’s not easy to meet your soulmate in every life time. I have seen youngsters making big mistakes in their relationships and losing the right person or the person meant for the. Tarot card reading has helped such people and they have started considering themselves lucky in love.”

Dr. Taara Malhotra also told us about how to ask questions when you want a tarot card session on your love or relationships.

She told us that asking the right question is very important in tarot card reading success. You shouldn’t ask vague questions like what kind of a man would match me or how can I attract the right person into my life. Your question has to be very specific for example ‘Is the person I am seeing currently my soulmate?’ or ‘Is this relationship going to last forever?’ or ‘Why is my married life facing current challenges?’

Relationship tarot card reading is both an art and a science. It all depends on the tarot card reader and how he or she interprets your card. For example, if your question is targeted about the feelings of your partner and you pick the Hermit tarot card; it means that your partner is good for your spiritual and emotional growth and wisdom. S a lot depends upon the question you have asked and the expert level interpretation by the tarot card reader.

“Let me tell you an instance when one of my client came for tarot card reading session. She was having problems with her husband. Her marriage was going through a rough phase. She picked the card the Four of Wands which denotes passion, success and unity. So the card suggested that there is going to be a lot of positive energy with her husband and they will lead a healthy and happy life in times to come. I advised her to be patient to see the good in her husband and stop judging him from a critical angle all the time. I gave her life coaching sessions also. I helped her heal her inner child and eventually things improved between them and now they’re having a very cordial relationship.”

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Dr. Taara Malhotra gets similar requests of tarot card reading and healing from the youth who are facing breakup so she invests both her knowledge of tarot card and her healing skills to help them move over and grow in life. She is contributing a lot to support and heal the people going through depression or anxiety because of relationships. She is actively working in the sphere of mental health and emotional wellness. You too can schedule a tarot card reading session with her.


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