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How does Numerology Help you in Business- Dr Taara Malhotra

Numerology is the science of numbers that are important in your life as per your birthdate and life chat. So anything that is an aligned with your soul plan would definitely help you in every aspect of life and business is just a small dimension of it. Most of the people seek expert suggestions whenever they want to take an important business decision; that’s where a numerology expert can help you. Today, we have India’s top Numerology specialist and a psychic energy expert Dr.Taara Malhotra with us who will be talking in detail on how numbers affect your business.

What is Numerology and its Benefits for Running a Business

“From the very launch and even during the growth phase of business, you need to understand that numerology affects every aspect of your business. Simply because numerology determines what numbers work in your favour or what may not give you any benefit! SO when you inaugurate a business on a friendly date when the planetary movements are in sync with your numerology chart, you will get the beginners’ luck and blessings so definitely numerology can increase your chances of succeeding in your business.”

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Dr.Taara Malhotra says there are multiple areas where she has offered her Numerology expertise and guidance to people who are doing their business and were facing challenging like –

How does Numerology Help you in Business

  1. Numerology is used while naming your business because the company’s name, the product name and auspicious date to inaugurate the business or making major business decisions should be according to the numerology chart. Since numerology is all about breaking the universal system into numbers; these numbers impact every small or big decision of your life so numerology experts like Taara Malhotra calculate the numbers behind your company name, place, its inauguration date and the numbers behind a product or services you offer and then align it with the numbers of your life and can help you.
  2. Numerous entrepreneurs decide the day or date or even the time when they should take a major decision like the decision to expand or invest in a related business, buying new land or machinery or all such major decision. It is better if such decisions are taken according to numerology.
  3. Launch of new products or services, when done according to numerology can help your business grow better and wider.
  4. Similarly deciding your team size or aligning with partners or venturing into a partnership should always be done with the help of numerology. In this regard.
  5. Dr.Taara Malhotra says, “I have seen most of the business partnerships fail because of the misunderstanding between partners. I always recommend to my clients that you should match your numerology chart with your partner so to understand the trust quotient between the two as per numbers. Such exercise done before entering into a partnership agreement would help save you from troubles later on.”

What you need to understand that Numerology doesn’t help only the people who are doing business; it also helps people who are professionals or working in job.

“I have a client whose numerology chart told me that she will be getting a bigger opportunity or a challenge from this date onwards.She got a new offer near that date and she sought my guidance. I told her that this challenge would be favourable for her and she should take it up courageously. She did that and was soon promoted with a good salary hike. So, yes numerology helps you in career decisions as well.”

Numerology also provides you insights and details on what type of ventures or subjects would suit your personality and life path number for example if you are number 5, you are most suitable for creative lifestyle work or a venture where you will be putting your artistic and aesthetic skills at work.

Going into an IT or engineering business for such number people may not be as lucrative. However, such observations cannot be generalised like Dr.Taara Malhotra says she is able to offer better guidance when a person shares their exact details with her to understand their soul plan and life path numbers.

“I have had numerous clients who took the help of Numerology in deciding their business name. See, each alphabet in your name represents a number and that’s how we make the calculation that which business name would suit you most.

You must have seen many stars like Ajay Devgn,AyushmannKhurrana and many others changed their name as per Numerology and then achieved greater success later on. This implies that numerology can help you decide the suitable name of the venture or can help you rewrite your name spelling.”

Dr.Taara Malhotra even recommends using Numerology guidance before signing important documents and also before planning important business meetings like a meeting with venture capitalist or with an angel investor. Startup founders can always avail personalised consultation from Dr.Taara Malhotra. She can be reached through her website or you can connect with her directly at Instagram @TaaraMalhotraOfficial

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