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6 Things You Should Know Before Tarot Card Reading Class

Tarot card reading – the new fad or the ritual that is here to stay? For those who believe that the Universe has a way of communicating with the people, Tarot Card is a language in which the Universe speaks and guides them. And people who don’t believe in magic or Law of Attraction or Universal guidance, may choose not to believe in Tarot Cards. But yes, if you actually believe in the power of Tarot Card reading and its accuracy of predictions; this article is worth reading. Dr Taara Malhotra, India’s leading Tarot Card reader shares 6 important things that you should know before Tarot Card Reading class.

Tarot Card Reading is the art and science of decision making in sync with universal guidance and soul plan on the basis of tarot cards picked by you. Since the face of a tarot card is a little technical and not so very easy to understand, most people take help of a Tarot Card Reader or a Tarot Card Expert. You can also enroll for a Tarot Card Reading class and learn this spiritual technique. Following are 6 important things that you must know to predict the future with tarot card reading – 

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  • Choosing a deck

A Tarot Card deck is widely different from a regular deck of cards. There are a lot many tarot cards which have different types of illustrations and meanings associated with them. So if you are going for a tarot card reading class, choose a deck that resonates with your spirit and style. Choose it without any peer pressure or influence. Choose it as a calling. I am sharing a few pictures of Tarot Card decks I have – 

  • Understand the basics 

Let me share some basic information about Tarot Cards. There are 78 cards in a tarot card deck. Cards are categorised into two major sections: major arcana and minor arcana; the word arcana means mysteries. So the major arcana cards deal with the main events and people of your life and there are 22 such cards while the minor ones deal with small and situational aspects of your life and they are 56 in number.

  • Deciding the question 

For an ideal tarot card reading session or class, it is important that you are clear about the question you wish to ask. It is better if you ask a decision related question about YES or NO; or beneficial or harmful or do it or reject it like options. You can also keep open ended questions in your mind but be clear about what it is you wish to see guidance for.

  • Creating a divine space

Be very clear that Tarot Card reading is a divine modality so you must make your space look and feel divine to receive the universal message. You can use crystal or candles or flowers or incense to illuminate your space.

  • Shuffle and pulling the card with focus

Make sure that your thoughts are focused on your card when you shuffle and cut the tarot card deck. Place the card faceup on the table and only when you feel like putting them down. Pull a single card aligning your thoughts and with a feeling of gratitude.

  • Choose an expert trustworthy teacher

Your Tarot Card reading session would be fruitful only if you take guidance from an expert tarot card reader. An amateur would not be able to guide you and tell you on how to get maximum benefit from this beautiful modality. India has many expert tarot card readers who can teach you how to beautify your life with tarot card reading based predictions. 

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