Spell castingImpact and Popularity of Spell Casting in 2022- Dr. Taara Malhotra

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Impact and popularity of Spell casting in 2022- Dr. Taara Malhotra

Before we tell you what is Spell casting, please be assured it is not what movies portray. It may be similar but it is not nefarious as the fiction world has projected it. In fact, when you blow out a candle on your birthday and make a wish; that very simple act is Spell casting. Spell casting is also known as an enchantment, an incantation or bewitchery and as Dr. Taara Malhotra, the famous psychic energy and occult science expert and paranormal from India says; its use in the present-day world is to focus on making lives better and achieving goals.

Spell Casting Meaning By Taara Malhotra

 Spell Casting Meaning: Truth and Reality

Since times immemorial, people have explored their innate ‘magick’ through various techniques. It is worth noting that ‘magick’ is different from magic, which is about entertainment rather than spiritual growth.  Spell casting in the modern world is no more a spooky phenomenon, in which the witches use brooms to fly around or store some concoctions in huge cauldrons.

Casting a spell is a great way to focus on what one wants in life and how to achieve goals. It helps us to embrace life and gives us the chance to make life better irrespective of color, sex, faith, or religion. Spell casting has many believers who use it to bring positive changes in their own or their family’s lives and is still in use in India and around the world. It is considered a powerful tool for healing as it can help ease depression, mood disorders and anxiety by helping us connect with our own energy.”

That was Dr. Taara Malhotra who feels that spell casting is misunderstood and media should come forward to talk about it. She shared with us that the most important feature of spell casting is that the person has to believe in the energy of his/her thoughts. It is a lot more like manifestation or writing your dreams in a jar.

The knowledge of spell casting has been handed down from the generations. The current knowledge of spiritual healing is a modernized extension of what our ancestors practiced. Let’s share with you all some simple ways of casting a spell, harnessing positive energy and taking steps for enhanced life experiences –

You can smudge your space by using the power of herbs and smoke. This helps sponge out the old and stagnant energies. You would often see incense sticks being used or ‘Dhooni’ done at shops or business places. That’s nothing but a positive spell of attracting good vibes with herbs and fragrances.

Listening to soothing meditative music or chanting it is also a form of spell casting. Don’t we all do it when we go for Mata Vaishno Devi Darshan and keep chanting Jai Mata Dai? And then we wonder, how did we get such energy to climb 12 km uphill! So chanting and meditation with music is also a form of spell casting and it helps in releasing the stress.

Building a crystal grid also helps in harnessing their positive energy. This phenomenon helps us in treating ailments and is considered good for practically any issue.

Taking a mind-clearing bath by adding essential oils to the water is also similar to spell casting. It replaces the feelings of confusion and stress with calmness and tranquility. It is a transformative ritual.

Writing a gratitude journal or your wish list is also a spell casting technique. We throw our wishes into the Universes by writing them again and again on the paper. This kind of manifestation casts a spell and then you shouldn’t be amazed when the Universe grants your wish.


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Conclusion :-

In simple words, Spell casting means letting the energy flow in the focused direction and with the right intention. The intention is the most important aspect of spell casting. So if you want something good for yourself that is equally good for the Universe as well, all you need to do is identify, raise and focus your energy on that. You do not require any magic wand or potions to cast a spell.

However, casting spells with candles and herbs helps you focus better. You can know more about these candles, herbs, and spell casting tools from Dr. Taara Malhotra who teaches the art and science of spell casting in her special sessions. She particularly emphasizes on the right intention for spell casting “Casting a spell is a nature-based belief in the spell.

Spell casters use seasons, herbs, colors, candles, the sun, and the moon to help attain their own dreams and goals and those of others. There is, however, one thing that has to be kept in mind; spell casting is not meant to use the powers to hurt anyone. I always say if it is done to harm anyone, the spell caster has to be ready for the repercussions.”

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