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Investment Decisions From Tarot Card Reading By Dr. Taara Malhotra

As we begin the new financial year, we are sharing a useful blog on how tarot card can help you in planning your investments. But before you buy a tarot card deck to do the reading yourself, it is important to understand that only a qualified and expert tarot card reader is best to consult if you are investing a heavy amount in stock market, crypto currency or real estate.

The reason is all these decisions are irreversible and have long-term repercussions. India’s top tarot card reader and numerology expert Dr. Taara Malhotra advises that one must not make investments on the basis of tarot card reading done during fun sessions or by amateurs.

 How Tarot card can help you in making money with your investments

  1. Tarot card reading is a form of spiritual modality which helps the universe communicate with people. In other words, when you pick a tarot card, you are essentially getting the universal guidance on what decision you should take. Presently, tarot cards are used widely for guidance on relationships, career issues, job change, family problems, health problems and yes for financial decisions as well. Most of the big time investors rely on tarot card reading to make sound decisions.
  2. Dr. Taara Malhotra shared one instance, “Crypto currency has been a craze in recent times and one of my clients approached me to ask if he should invest his savings of nearly INR 5lakh in buying some new crypto currency that was launched. I advised him to take a tarot card session. During the session, he picked up Two II of Pentacles Tarot Card which signifies a period of ups and downs in life. On the basis of that card, I advised him not to go ahead with the crypto currency investment and rather keep his savings intact. Thus, he was saved from the recent loss that has come in crypto market.
  3. Tarot card reading has given highly accurate and successful results but it is important that the investor should not make hasty decisions. The investor should also be aware of the financial risks involved in crypto currency, stock market, peer to peer lending or real estate investments.
  4. Book a tarot card reading session with expert tarot card reader and trust his or her guidance with faith. Doing anything without faith will never give you best results.
  5. During the session, pick the card aligning your focus on the question. So you must learn to phrase the question before you pick the card. For example, you can always ask the tarot card reader – should I invest Rs.2,00,000 of my savings in stock market in buying shares of a banking company?
  6. Once you have phrased the question right, you should pick the card and let the tarot card reader interpret the card.
  7. Align your thoughts and vibes with the universal guidance you have received from the card. Take the decision on the basis of collective wisdom from tarot card reading session and market conditions

We wrap up with a very wise advice coming from Dr. Taara Malhotra, “Yes, tarot card reading is very helpful in ensuring exponential growth for your investments but the keyword here is knowledge and faith. You should know about the subject you are investing in detail and you should have the faith that the universe is kind and abundant.”

About Dr. Taara Malhotra :- India’s Leading Spiritual Healer and Trainer listed by ‘Forbes India’, Dr.Taara Malhotra is Director of ‘Divine Energy Bliss’, a centre for Occult and Spiritual Learning. She has earned unmatched goodwill for being a Celebrity Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist, Vastu Consultant, Astrologer and Psychic. Interestingly, she is also the first Paranormal Expert from India who has been featured in the Discovery channel.

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