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Learn how numbers can change your life


Certified Course In Tarot Card Numerology Astrology.

Mathematics might not have one of our favourite subjects in school, but in reality, numbers determine our life and destiny that explains the creation of the universe. It is a pure and consistent system that defines spatial relationship with divine precision, meaning that it translates the manifested formulas and bridges the gap between the spiritual and physical world. Numbers are a great companion in Astrology that helps in providing additional clarity and nuances of our life-energies. While Astrology deals with the alignment of planets, Numerology deals with the significance of numbers.Certified Course In Tarot Card Numerology Astrology.


According to Dr. Taara Malhotra, an Internationally Renowned Vaastu Expert, Award- Winning & Celebrity Tarot Reader, Ace Numerologist & Spiritual Healer, “Numerology is the science of aligning life according to the life numbers and interpreting it according to birth dates. It helps in understanding one’s personality traits, destiny, events, lucky years, the right time and the right course of action that one should undertake to experience maximum benefit and minimal harm”. The science of Numerology helps in simplifying sacred numbers and apply it to understand individual existence. The everyday life experiences such as career/business, family, health, love, friendship, etc., can all be explained and understood through mathematics.Certified Course In Tarot Card Numerology Astrology.


With her years of experience as a renowned Astrologer, expert Numerologist & celebrity Tarot Reader, Dr. Taara Malhotra shares the importance of building a connection with one’s Karmic numbers in people’s names, mobile numbers, vehicle numbers, lock codes to achieve success and overall growth. According to her, our daily life represents several instances which has a profound impact on how we think and act. She shares three key resolutions from everyday life which can be controlled through Numerology, to minimise negative impact.


1.Name correction:

Our name is our identity. Hence, our name should add up to a favourable number that would offer the positive results of our hard work and attract the vibrations of luck and harmony. Changing our names according to Numerology also directs us towards the right destination of career, since planets and numbers reveals which education and profession would suit the individual.Certified Course In Tarot Card Numerology Astrology.

According to Dr. Taara Malhotra, “the life path number is the prime digit in numerology divination which decides attitudes, goals, challenges etc. Having the correct name according to Numerology checks consistencies between the date of birth, name and draws compatibility scores”.Certified Course In Tarot Card Numerology Astrology.

2.Signature correction:

Signature is another aspect as the way one signs determines the pattern of events in one’s lives. The name of an individual symbolizes ego, creating a subsequent circle of cause and effect in our day-to-day events of life. Since ego is the essential of our existence, it cannot be destroyed but transcended in some ways. Hence name and signature correction help to surpass certain negativities in life. There are different ways and styles of signature which yields different results such as popularity, success, financial gains etc.

3.Mobile number correction:

Another important tool of our everyday life which is connected to numbers and has a profound impact on people’s lives is our 10-digit mobile number. Each digit of a specific phone number has a positive or negative influence. Fixed numbers like date of birth, PAN number, Aadhar number, house number, bank account, etc., are difficult to divert as they are a constant part of our lives. However, it is not the same with phone numbers, since they can be changed as per our convenience and requirement after a thorough analysis with an expert by combining the correct principles of life path numbers.

Numerology Astrology


Dr. Taara Malhotra also shares 7 interesting facts about Numerology:

1.Positive and Negative Numbers

Although numbers require a balance of both positive and negative energies, they are also influenced by other factors such as one’s outlook and the presence of other numbers related to various aspects of life.

2.Master numbers in Numerology

These are the powerful numbers in Numerology such as 11, 22 or 33 which have a powerful meaning in life and can be good or bad depending on one’s context.

3.Using numbers as guide for life

The process of numerology tells one about the barriers in life that hinders growth. Hence, feelings that are initially unexplained and difficult to comprehend becomes clear helping one steer their life in the right direction

4.Converting to Numerology

Once the accuracy of Numerology is realised and the truth is manifested, it leads one on the path of discovery and enlightenment.

5.Strength and weakness for purpose

As numerology reveals the insights of one’s life, it also encourages people in our environment to understand their strengths and weakness, and a purpose to move forward.

6.Several numbers and meanings

Although the internet provides easy access to tools and sites to do such number analysis oneself, it is important to understand that there are many numbers and multiple meanings & interpretations. Hence, a thorough consultation from an expert is always advised to interpret the significance of numbers in one’s life

7.Numerology from birth

 Numerology is based on the most important fact of life, i.e., your birth. The time and date of one’s birth has the most special meaning which determines the course of life.Certified Course In Tarot Card Numerology Astrology.

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