Ancestral Karmic HealingWhat is Ancestral Karmic Healing and How does it Work in 2022

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Ancestral Karmic Healing and How it is done in 2022

Can life heal through karma or your ancestors’ blessings? The question itself is so important because both Karma and Ancestors play an important part in our life. That’s why we are asking Dr.Taara Malhotra, India’s leading paranormal and psychic energy expert to share details on how Karmic healing and ancestral healing benefit people. For a layman, Karmic healing and ancestral healing are advanced therapies that are increasingly being used to transform lives by channelling inner energies. Though they are not connected, they have one similarity: both have to do with the past lives to help correct the present one.

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Why Karmic or Ancestral Healing?

Dr.Taara Malhotra clarified that recurring patterns in one’s life like continued losses in business, harmful addiction to some substance, prolonged relationship failures point out that the person is suffering from Karmic curses or ancestor’s lineage problems.

“In Karmic healing, we use specific symbols to access your past lives and karma and try to heal the root cause which is bringing recurring problems. It might take up to 3 months. I sometimes use Numerology also to understand Karmic problems. People born on 13th, 14th, 16th, and 19th or of their destiny number comes out to be a karmic number also hints that the person needs to come out of their Karmic burdens.”

Karmic healing and how it is done?

Karma is action and everything happens in our lives as a result of these actions. From time to time, we need to pause and reflect to revise our actions to achieve our spiritual growth. Dr.Taara Malhotra explains, “Our actions boomerang and bring back the positivity and negativity both. It is a particular case of ‘what you sow, so shall you reap’. So, to achieve Karmic healing, we must be compassionate. Thus, Karmic healing is a rational approach to healing our present physical and emotional lives by focusing on our past lives. I have helped hundreds of clients move on in their life after Karmic healing.”

As Karmic healing deals with our actions, it does not only affect us but also those around us. A few important steps for the Karmic cleanse are:

  • We should be grateful for all the good and bad in our lives. Gratefulness is the key. Give love as it conquers all.
  • Forgive as it unburdens you and helps you create great Karma.
  • Have a positive attitude towards life all the time as negativity corrodes you.

Ancestral healing and how it is done

Ancestral healing means revisiting the wounds and traumas handed down to us by our past generations. It is the process of looking at our ancestors in the past and present and then connecting with them. It is important because we not only want to get rid of the trauma felt by us but also the ones running in our families. In the words of Dr.Taara Malhotra,

“People suffer from failures or ancestral problems/patterns or even blood lineage related problems due to ancestral curses. We help people who are suffering from bad luck put on the family generations ago. Ancestral healing is important because ancestors’ blessings enrich our life. I use Family Constellation to help people release their family blockages. This can be done by using Karmic Healing or Akashic Healing or different methods of self-hypnosis which helps people come out of these issues.”

Now a final note of caution – Karmic healing and Ancestral Healing give the best results when you avail help from an expert psychic energy person, clairvoyant and spiritual healer like Taara Malhotra. Her experience of dealing with hundreds of such cases every month makes her the most trustworthy name in this field.

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