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world famous vastu consultant astrologer in delhi,mumbai


In our world of consumer lifestyle, who doesn’t love money. And when it comes to money, one feels, ‘the more, the merrier’. So, does it ever make you wonder why some have more while other less or sometimes not at all? Is there a secret formula or strategy to attract money? world famous vastu consultant astrologer in delhi,mumbai.

Dr. Taara Malhotraan Internationally Renowned Vaastu Expert, Award- Winning & Celebrity Tarot Reader, Ace Numerologist & Spiritual Healer


shares there is a formula but not a secret one anymore. According to her ‘thoughts become things’; hence it is very important to visualize how much money you want and start your journey from there. Her insight is based on the law of attraction to attract more wealth and once you believe in its efficacy money and prosperity will definitely come to you. The starting premise of the law is ‘like attracts like’, hence positive thoughts and actions will bring abundance and good energy in life. It is similar to the law of gravity which one has to harness to usher positive changes in famous vastu consultant astrologer in delhi,mumbai

For World Renowned Vaastu Expert and Spiritual Healer, Dr. Taara Malhotra, the law of attracting wealth is based on the energy of the universe. Hence it is very important for a person to attract the right kind of energy. In this way, cash is additionally energy and one needs to make those conditions in life to draw in these vibrational frequencies. She draws certain means that one can carry out in their life essentially to turn into a cash magnet. The beginning reason of drawing in these energies is to have a positive and unmistakably characterized monetary objective down to its moment detail. When the objective is characterized, one requirements to pursue drawing in the frequencies so they are manifested.  She records 4 social characteristics that are exceptionally famous vastu consultant astrologer in delhi,mumbai

1. An attitude of Gratitude

Expressing gratitude towards events and things in life to the universe presents an unfiltered version of your emotions on what makes you happy. This feeling should also be consistent in your bad days as well so that it reminds you to be grateful of the good events of your life. Such an attitude helps in attracting the energy of the universe to grant your wishes

2. Positive daily affirmations

Simple affirmations, a focussed mindset and positive outlook helps in conveying messages of happiness and gratitude. Hence the more such affirmation the better the outcome. The ideal time to implement this is either in the morning after you wake up or before going to bed.

3. Practical visualization

This is a way to imagine how your future life is going to be once you succeed in manifesting your financial goals. This helps in creating a positive and happy space, sending powerful signals to the universe and keeping negative thoughts at bay.

4. Meditation

This is not something that is advised only by yoga experts, but has been quite successful to control the flow of negative emotions when one faces a deadlock in life. Meditation helps the mind to trust the process of manifestation and stay motivated.

“From behavioural attributes, there are certain external approaches that one can implement at home to attract wealth,” says the International Vastu Expert and Celebrity Tarot reader, Dr. Taara Malhotra. She shares the following Vastu tips that will ensure wealth finds a way to your famous vastu consultant astrologer in delhi,mumbai.


  1. Keep the entrance of your home beautiful, clean and obstruction-free.
  2. Introduce money inviting Vastu colors such as red, violet and green in your home interiors
  3. Gold is the colour of wealth and prosperity. Hence introducing golden hues into your home furnishing, accessories, wall decorations etc., will create a way to manifest your goal.
  4. Keep your kitchen well- organized, clean and attractive. The kitchen is one of the most important sources of energy of a home where the Lord of wealth is believed to reside. Hence it is important to maintain the sanctity of this space.
  5. Ensure all the clocks in the house are in working condition reflecting the correct time. Vastu believes that non- working clocks or slow ones have a negative impact on your financial life. Hence it is important to keep it up to date.
  6. ‘Save water, save money’, is not just a tagline from any advertisement, but an important tip to be followed since wasting water in equivalent to wasting money.
  7. Declutter your space and let fresh energy flow. Assign a dedicated space to money plants at home and nurture it to attract wealth into your space

With her years of experience as a Renowned Numerologist, Spiritual Healer and Vastu Expert, Dr. Taara Malhotra believes that money is not meant to be hoarded and hence allowing its circulation is very important without grudging it. The more one hoards money, the more stagnation one experiences. The formula, if secret at all, she says is ‘the more you give, the more you receive’.best vastu tips to increase money in your wallet

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