Top Vastu Consultant Correction Mumbai Delhi Gurgaon India

Vastu plays an important role during the construction of any building or structure and hence ensuring dimensional features like length, breadth, sizes, ideal position of rooms, entry and exit passages, placement of furniture, etc., helps in incorporating correct directional principles for
building a harmonious cosmic energy of the property. Theoretically, one can understand it from the viewpoint of the below 4 principles to ensure a thorough understanding of the process:
Location or Orientation: This will help in determining the correct directions to maximise the flow of positive energy based on the 5 famous vastu consultant astrologer in delhi,mumbai

Structural Planning: This helps in understanding the design layout for the construction of a dwelling space.
Size measurement: Correct sizes are proportional to the dimensional harmony of a space. Hence, having the accurate proportion of every object is important to ensure a balanced space creation.
Interiors and aesthetics: This principle ensures the correct implementation of rhythmic characters and colours to harmonize and balance energy

Top Vastu Consultant Correction Mumbai Delhi Gurgaon India

As an Internationally Renowned Vastu Expert and a Spiritual Healer, Dr. Taara believes that each of these elements have a direct impact on the people living within a space which affects their relationships. For any companionship, building a strong foundation and an unbreakable bond becomes the cornerstones to enrich each other’s lives and strengthen the relationship. However, there are several instances where one witnesses a lack of energy within their homes, suffer from financial problems, experience discontentment, arguments, misunderstandings etc. With her years of experience in the field of Vastu, Dr. Malhotra helps her clients understand the importance of getting rid of what is known as ‘Vastu defect’, which is an outcome of incorrect structures, wrong directions or improper placement of things and objects triggering a negative energy in the living space and thereby impacting the lives of people.

Famed as a National and International Vastu Expert as well as a Celebrity Tarot Reader, Dr. Taara Malhotra shares a few general directional and colour tips related to Vastu which can help to improve one’s relationship with partners/family members at home:
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Top Vastu Consultant Correction mumbai delhi Gurgaon India
  1. The master bedroom of the house should always face the South or South- West direction perfectly to balance the male power which helps in establishing stability along with taking responsibility and decision making.
  2. The colours of the walls of the master bedroom should be soft and calming like pink or peach to create an appealing ambience.
  3. For a blissful marital life and for clarity of thoughts between partners, colours such as blue or purple should be placed in the North- East direction which should be kept open and light weight.
  4. The kitchen (fire element) should be facing the South- East region which impacts the physical and mental stability of the female. The presence of the colour orange in this direction is associated with the female power which is important for a happy and romantic life.Top Vastu Consultant Correction Mumbai Delhi Gurgaon India
  5. Children/guest bedrooms should be well balanced in air inflow with toilets and storage provisions to enhance co-ordination and support. Colours such as dark blue or grey adds to its overall positivity.
  6. For people looking forward to get married, colours such as pink or light hues of bedsheets with flowers are highly effective. They can also place lampshades with pastel coloured lighting in their room.
  7. A wife sleeping on the left side of her husband helps in creating a loving and smooth relationship
  8. There should be no mirror directly facing or placed in front of a bed, which leads to chances of strain in marital relationship as well as health problems. Ideally, they can be placed in the eastern and northern walls of the bedroom or in front of a dining area opposite to the table so that it reflects the entire family while dining which effects the love and affection between family members.Top Vastu Consultant Correction Mumbai Delhi Gurgaon India

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