Coffee Cup Reading Course in Delhi NCR


What more does your “COFFEE CUP” hold?


Besides coffee what more you think your coffee cup could hold? Ever wondered what the bottom of your cup would reveal if it could talk? Probably not.. It could hold your future, it can also reveal a lot about you. Coffee Cup Reading Tasseomancy Course in Delhi NCR.

Coffee cup reading is an ancient art that took birth in the oldest civilizations of the world. It means reading of coffee grounds from the cup of the drinker. Coffee Cup Reading Course in Delhi NCR. Coffee readers are able to interpret the patterns in the coffee cup.

They tell the person about past, present and future happenings in his/hers life. Reading coffee cups regularly it will make you able to recognize lots of the symbols and their meaning. Coffee cup reading has its origins in China where ancient monks predicted the future by reading patterns left by tea leaves in bell-shaped cups, a process known as tasseography (Tasseomancy).

The origins of coffee cup readings come from the ancient Chinese art of reading tea leaves which has been practiced for centuries. This was originally done by monks who ceremonially drank tea in bell shaped cups. These monks earlier used to read patterns formed on the internal part of bells in temples and hence reading similar shaped tea cups was a logical progression.

When coffee beans were introduced in the Middle East, this art was adapted by the Arabs to coffee grounds. This art was practiced for thousands of years in the Middle East and is still hugely popular in Turkey. Almost everywhere in Turkey, whether it is the capital city Istanbul or small towns, you will notice people having coffee with their friends and family and reading their coffee cups trying to predict their future. This art is as common in Turkey as palm reading is in India.

The basic premise is that when we drink a cup of coffee, the caffeine in it releases the information locked in our subconscious mind. It is also believed that our subconscious mind stores all the information of our past lives and future as well..  It also stores past life Karmas.  This mind is linked to Conscious Mind.

When a particular question is asked by coffee drinker, his subconscious mind taps on Conscious mind for the answer.  The answer creates certain vibes in the drinker and coffee catches these vibes, emotions, intentions and mental state of the coffee cup drinker and depicts the pattern in the cup because of Nicotine Content in it. This information appears in the cup in the form of symbols.

. The coffee cup reader is able to interpret these symbols to tell the future and also to convey important messages to the inquirer. So for the reading to be meaningful, or indeed accurate; you have to sip or drink the coffee while relaxing, sort of in a contemplative mode. It is Highly intuitive form of divination, the reader even in coffee cup reading must be truly connected to the Universe to unveil the seekers’ fortunes.

These are psychic readings done by using a cup of coffee. Turkish coffee is mostly used when cup readings are done. After a cup of coffee has been poured, without using a strainer, the coffee is drunk or poured away The residue is left at the bottom of the cup after the coffee is drunk, when the cup is then covered with a saucer, shaken, and turned over (upside down) into the saucer, and left to dry.

The cup should then be shaken well and any remaining liquid drained off in the saucer. The diviner now looks at the pattern of beans in the cup and allows the imagination to play around the shapes suggested by them. They might look like a letter, a heart shape, or a ring.


Coffee Cup Reading Course in Delhi NCR

These shapes are then interpreted  intuitively or by means of a fairly standard system of symbolism, such as: snake (enmity or falsehood), spade (good fortune through industry), mountain (journey of hindrance), or house (change, success).  This form of divination is totally dependent upon a person’s psychic ability to look beyond and understand the meaning of the different symbols created by the loose coffee grounds in the cup. There are large numbers of specific images which relate to issues in a person’s life.

In the Turkish tradition, coffee-readers often interpret the cup as being divided into horizontal halves: symbols appearing on the bottom half are interpreted as messages regarding the past, and symbols on the top half are messages regarding the future. The cup may also be interpreted in vertical halves to determine “yes” or “no” answers as well as the overall outcome of the events represented by symbols.


Coffee Cup Readings can provide you with insight and guidance on a range of life issues such as  private life, business issues, protection against evil eye, past lives , pitfalls that lie ahead, advises on whether to take decision or not, on family life and much more..

Hence you enjoy a fine cup of Turkish coffee, and get mystical glimpses into your future.

Dr. Taara Malhotra is a renowned Coffee Cup Reader and Practitioner in Delhi (India) and she has been practicing Coffee Cup Reading for the last 10 years in New Delhi and NCR including Gurgaon and Noida and the seekers (clients) vouch for her accuracy in Coffee Cup Reading in Delhi. Being intuitive, her predications are very accurate in Coffee Cup Reading.

Dr. Taara Malhotra is the best person from whom to learn Coffee Cup Reading. She gives her practical experience dovetailed with her notes to teach Coffee Cup Reading. Few of her students are already practicing Coffee Cup Reading at professional level in across the Globe. She has her centre in Gurgaon.

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