Reiki is a spiritual practice which is developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922.. Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words “Rei” and “Kei” meaning universal life energy. Reiki may be a healing technique supported the principle that the Reiki therapist can transfer the energy into the patient body through touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body Reiki is also used as alternative medicine and is sometimes classified as oriental medicine.

All the courses come with Manual & Certifcate !

There are 5 levels in Reiki

Level 1 – Level 1 of Reiki is initiative to enter the planet of positivity and connecting with Divine Power.

At Level 1, you get initiated into positive energy by Reiki Master/Grandmaster and feel that energy in your hands and palms. Level one is all about touch healing for self et al. . it is start of cleansing process of your chakras and balancing chakras and cleaning the negativities which you’ve got gathered over the time.

Level 2 – Reiki Second Degree welcomes you into the world of distant healing. After Attunement of second degree you’ll be ready to send healing distantly anywhere. You will get three most remarkable images through which you’ll recuperate anybody in world with none impediment of some time , space, you’ll mend your past injuries, youth sufferings, connections, previous existences, work, profession, future occasions, objective showing, objects living and non living both

You will likewise consider gems and the manner in which they will joined with reiki

Level 3(A) Master Healer– This will initiate you into master Symbol which is considered as Direct Divine Light Symbol. Highest of all Symbols .At this level you learn to tackle higher energies like psychic surgery , handling & removing physic attack ,working with crystal Grids , goal manifestation with grids..

Level 3(B) Master Teacher – Reiki Master Degree entitles you to teach and attune further upto Reiki 3 A Level. This is basically done once you want to attune others into reiki. It includes Attunement Ceremony, Anthkarna Symbol, Attunement Process of Reiki 1, Attunement Process of Reiki 2, Attunement Process of Reiki 3 A, Code of Ethics for Master Teacher

Reiki Grand Master –This is last Level which entitles you to teach & attune further upto Grandmaster Level.It give you 2 final symbols & this is basically done when you want to attune others into reiki. It includes Attunement Ceremony, Attunement Process of Reiki 1, Attunement Process of Reiki 2 , Attunement Process of Reiki 3 A, , Attunement Process of Reiki 3 B, Attunement Process of Reiki GrandMaster, Code of Ethics & Setting Up Classes

There are other variants of Reiki namely

Karuna Reiki – Karuna Reiki has 2 levels – Practioner Level & Master Level

Karuna Reiki was developed by William L. Rand using symbols channelled by several Reiki masters including Marcy Miller, Kellie-Ray Marine, Pat Courtney, Catherine Mills Bellamont and Maria Abraham. Rand used the symbols and found them to have beneficial value, but believed that they had far greater potential than had been previously thought. He thought about them and was guided to build up the attunement procedure and to call the new framework ‘Karuna Reiki’. A portion of the images used in Karuna Reiki additionally are used in different frameworks, but don’t have an equivalent effectiveness or healing energies as within the Karuna system. Karuna Reiki energy is different from Usui Reiki and, it seems, many students find it more powerful.. This energy also has a grounding effect. Those who receive the attunements often report having experiences with their higher self, guides and angels, and feeling the healing presence of other enlightened beings.

Karmic Reiki – Karmic Reiki may be a beautiful and delicate sort of Reiki to heal and cleanse our Karma, past lives issues, karmic baggages. The images take a shot at enthusiastic, mental, physical, otherworldly and Auric levels. There are 6 symbols in Karmic Reiki..The course includes attunement to Karmic Reiki & initiation to the symbols. The uasage of the symbols & technique of healing are going to be shared.

Angel Reiki – Angel Reiki may be a powerful love rich system to attach to the Angels & make best use of the Usui Reiki System. The course includes below topics

1.What are Angels?

2.Four Archangels

3.Symbols with Angels

4.Angel Meditation

5.Angel Reiki Attunement

6.Healing Session with Angels

7.How to Pass Attunement to Angel Reiki

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