Akashic recordsQ/A Session with Healer Dr. Taara Malhotra: Exploring Akashic Records and Soul Profiling

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Q/A Session with Healer Dr. Taara Malhotra: Exploring Akashic Records and Soul Profiling


Today we have with us Dr. Taara Malhotra, based in Delhi and Gurugram, recognized as India’s top numerologist, healer, and psychic energy expert. With a distinguished career spanning decades, Dr. Taara has become a trusted luminary in the realm of spiritual wellness. As a leading numerologist, Dr. Taara possesses an unparalleled understanding of the cosmic vibrations embedded in numbers. Her numerology consultations delve into the mystical significance of numbers, unravelling personalized insights that empower individuals to navigate life’s intricate tapestry.
Beyond numerology, Dr. Taara stands as a beacon in the realm of holistic healing. A compassionate and intuitive healer, she specializes in karmic clearing sessions and Akashic Readings, unlocking the potential for profound transformation. Her unique approach combines ancient wisdom with modern insights, creating a harmonious synergy for spiritual growth. Here is an interview with her in which she would explain more about Akashic Reading-
Q1: What is Akashic Reading?

Dr. Taara: Akashic Reading is a spiritual practice rooted in accessing the Akashic Records, an ethereal repository of information believed to contain the collective experiences and energies of every soul. Conducted by a skilled practitioner, the reading involves tapping into this cosmic archive to provide personalized insights into an individual’s past, present, and potential future. It unveils karmic patterns, life themes, and unresolved energies, offering a profound understanding of one’s life journey. Akashic Reading serves as a transformative tool for self-discovery, guiding individuals to navigate challenges, release karmic blocks, and align with their soul’s purpose, fostering spiritual growth and empowerment.
Q2: What kind of questions can be asked during Akashic Reading?
Dr. Taara: Questions starting with “why,” “what,” or “how” are effective. Avoid queries about specific timings or names of individuals causing harm. Akashic Records don’t operate in a linear timeline, and the realm is non-judgmental. It’s essential to focus on understanding and resolving karmic blocks.

Q3: What if a person is not sure that they want to hear the answers?
Dr. Taara: The Akashic Records are non-judgmental and won’t provide distressing answers. They aim to bring clarity and break down blocks in a supportive manner, never revealing what you’re not ready for. The goal is to offer tools for alleviating suffering and becoming conscious beings of light.
Q4: Would Akashic Records create a karmic debt, and how does a person deal with this?
Dr. Taara: The Akashic Records reveal any karma needing healing. Opt for Karmic Clearing Sessions or become an Akashic Records Practitioner to actively engage in your healing journey. Trust your soul to guide you through this transformative process.
Q5: What if a person doesnt feel strong enough to act on the information received?
Dr. Taara: The information is presented constructively, and you’re not obligated to act immediately. It’s not a process of commands; rather, you receive advice on improving situations. Trust your soul’s readiness to guide you when it’s time. During Soul Profiling, additional information may surface, often proving invaluable for your life journey. The Akashic Records provide insights that may not align with immediate expectations but serve as profound “wake-up calls” for personal growth.
Q6: What should a person do with the information after the reading?

Dr. Taara: There’s no obligation to act on the guidance. Listen to the recording or read the Soul Profiling details a few times to process the information. Recommendations for karmic clearing and crystal prescriptions are part of the report, and your soul will guide you when ready.
In conclusion, Akashic Records readings with me aim to provide supportive and constructive guidance. There’s no judgment, and the records offer tools for your enlightenment on this life journey. If you’re considering a reading, trust that you’ll find value in the experience.
So here is your chance to connect with renowned psychic energy expert, Dr. Taara Malhotra who facilitates a deep understanding of energy dynamics, guiding individuals towards balance and alignment. Her remarkable ability to tap into the Akashic Records empowers clients to unveil the narratives influencing their present and future. You can ping her on her Instagram or connect through website for more details or a personalised session for healing.

So if you are also looking for insight, guidance, and a deeper understanding of your current circumstances or questions, you can connect with Dr. Taara Malhotra online through her Instagram and book your personal session for better clarity in life and peace of mind. Her Instagram ID is @taaramalhotraofficial.


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