Best vastu tips to increase money in your walletMost Powerful Rituals to attract Money by Dr. Taara MalhotraMost Powerful Rituals to attract Money by Dr. Taara Malhotra

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Most Powerful Rituals to attract Money by Dr. Taara Malhotra

Money is not the end all and be all of life, but without it life would be lackluster and purposeless. So it’s not just money but the feeling of abundance that matters most. Keeping this in mind, Dr. Taara Malhotra, India’s leading numerologists, tarot card reader and psychic energy expert based in Delhi and Gurgaon has brought a special and very powerful 11-day ritual to attract money and abundance in your life. She will be sharing a lot about this ritual and other practices that can help you become a money magnet in life in this blog. Keep reading –

Money: Can it be attracted and increased in life?

Yes, everyone wants more money and a good and comfortable life. Money is the motivation behind every person’s hard work. Money drives all of us because it gives us the freedomto pursue our dreams and life’s goals.It allows us to buy the most mundane things to the necessities and allows some of us to revel in luxuries.Today, we have with us Dr. Taara Malhotra who will be sharing powerful rituals that can help you attract money, clear money blocks or obstacles and receive money and abundance effortlessly in your life. She is about to start her most powerful 11-days money ritual program also which you can join to grow in your business and career. She shared with us a few details,

“All of us seek a lot of wealth in our lives and why not. Money cannot buy joys but it can certainly give you ways to be happy and spread that happiness around. Even the special work can be done if you have wealth and a spirit to empower and help others. So I keep on sharing different programs to attract money and wealth in your life. My latest one is 11-days powerful ritual which will include Mantra chanting, spells and candle work also. It will also have spirit work (legby) and the ritual will end with a Hawan on the 11th day. Those who will join this program will see a definite change in the money inflow, career growth, promotions, selling more products, meeting their financial targets, making lucrative investments and so on.”

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Powerful rituals to attract Money & Prosperity

So there are different type of rituals that can help you attract money and abundance in life. Many of us fervently believe in the power of yantras, crystals, charms and candle magic in increasing our money. People have been using these certain ways or chants or lucky charms to attract more wealth since centuries.

Yantra is a chant that is full of energy and helps in removing the negative energy when placed in any environment. Money and wealth yantras are divine objects and are the most popular of all. They help us attract money and fortune by drawing the energy of riches and abundance.Yantras for money comprise special symbols, mantras, numbers and geometric forms that are arranged in symmetric patterns. They can be installed in home, office or carried in the wallet.

“Yantras act as the connecting link between humans and the deity people believe in. It is believed that yantras help the prayersreach the deities faster by removingnegative energy and meet our purpose,” said Dr. Taara Malhotra, who is considered the best spell magic expert in Delhi and Gurgaon and has been helping people to grow in their life.

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Crystals, Spells, Affirmations and Candle Magick

Crystals are also used by people to attract more money. They emit a certain energy which brings in good fortune and cash. They are shiny stones or gems that have been worn by humans since ancient times because of the power they wield in determining a person’s destiny, achievements and prosperity in terms of money. Some of thestones or crystals for attracting good fortune and wealth are citrine, green calcite raw crystal, green aventurine rough natural stones, raw sunstone crystal and rough tiger’s eye crystal. Citrine, also known as the money stone, tops the list. It helps a person focus on afinancial goal, saving, investing and resisting the urge to spend lavishly.

A lot of people believe in the magic of lucky charms. People believe the charms bring them prosperity, good luck and money. These charms can be anything from coins to buttons to a four-leaf clover or a horse shoe. The good luck charms are worn on the body and also hung in offices, homes and shops to attract good luck and money.

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Some people keep an ox statue in office to enhance their business and returns. Money tree is another ornament which is believed to bring business and financial luck. The laughing Buddha is said to be the luckiest charm for businesses and brings in abundance and wealth.

Candles are a staple item when it comes to attracting money. They say, let them burn as theyamplify and release positive energy, thus helping us increase our wealth.Candle magic is driven by the element of fire, which represents transformation. Different colors of candles stand for different things, but green candles are associated with money. If you believe in the power of candles, burn one to help it achieve your money goals.

In case, you wish to know more about the 11-day ritual to attract money in your life, you can contact Dr. Taara Malhotra personally. She takes numerology and tarot card reading sessions in Delhi and Gurgaon. Her 11-day money attracting ritual can be done online also. You can DM her on Instagram @TaaraMalhotraOfficial or check her website for more details.

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