affirmations manifestationsDr. Taara Malhotra tells you why affirmations, manifestations and remedies don’t work!

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Dr. Taara Malhotra tells you why affirmations, manifestations and remedies don’t work!


The world is currently going gaga over affirmations manifestations and divine modalities. Everyone seems to know what Law of Attraction is. Everyone will preach you ‘Thought becomes things’ and ask you to manifest your dreams and goals but do thoughts really become things and result in positive action? Well, this is the question or the issue faced by most of the people who are now practising law of attraction or doing affirmations or manifesting their dreams. They feel that they have not been successful yet. Same feedback came from those who adopted a few spiritual remedies or divine remedies after consultation from different energy experts and life coaches. S they feel disappointed and they have given up on these remedies. They feel these remedies don’t work.

Today, we have with us India’s leading psychic energy expert and spiritual healer, Dr. Taara Malhotra who feels every affirmation, manifestation and divine remedy works provided we are doing it the right way. Let’s hear out and address all the issues you have been facing while manifesting through a candid talk with Dr. Taara Malhotra.

She begins by explaining that manifesting means achieving something or getting something first in your mind and then achieving it in reality. It is a direct derivation of the Law of Attraction, which says that you can attract anything or get anything in life just by thinking about it. She has shared the most common mistakes made by people while manifesting or doing affirmations is that they do not understand the locus of control and they do not understand their goals.

“Let me explain all these in detail. The very first mistake I see 50% of the people making while manifesting or following a remedy is that begin with a doubt. A doubt or a fear is the biggest reason why affirmations and manifestations don’t work. Keeping doubts in your mind or heart means that you do not trust the Universe. If there is doubt beneath your affirmation or a fear that you will not achieve this; it means you are already manifesting failure.”

affirmations manifestations
She also said that it is not our conscious mind that does the manifestations or makes the manifestations work. It is the subconscious mind that makes manifestations, affirmations and remedies work. So if the fear, or doubt is deeply rooted in your subconscious mind, you need to first address this negativity to make your remedy work.

She explained it further, “Yes doubt and fear reflect that people are operating from negativity. People who are afraid or the people who have trust issues must first go for aura cleansing or addressing their inner child issues. And along with that; there can be other factors also. Like astrological birth chart can have some Nakshatra or Planetary reasons that are hampering the results of any remedy. Similarly, even the Vastu Dosh can cause problems if you are manifesting business or career success or happiness in a relationship. In such cases, I recommend doing astrological remedies or NLP. NLP means neuro-linguistic programming which is a powerful modality that can change someone’s thoughts and patterns.”

What Dr. Taara Malhotra is saying that all of us first need to address the negative layers that are hidden beneath. She also talked about another common factor which is missing in most people’s manifestations, affirmations and remedial practices and that’s why it doesn’t work. And that factor is GRATITUDE.

“One has to begin with Gratitude and feel gratefulness in every moment so that these remedies give you the desired results. I often see most of the people are not grateful enough. Being grateful means assuming that you have already got it and thanking the universe for granting you your wish. Being grateful means accepting whatever is the outcome; you are happy about it and you are thankful to the Universe. Gratitude is the biggest miracle that would get you more miracles and magic in your life. I have talked about gratitude and others energy secrets in my book ‘Mindful Miracles’ as well, where are you can read how to make your affirmations and manifestations more effective.”

Some wise words and insights shared by Dr. Taara Malhotra. So if you want to make your manifestations work; or need Life Coaching or practice of Law of Attraction in your life; you can connect with Dr. Taara Malhotra online through her website or DM her at her Instagram profile @taaramalhotraofficial


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